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Our budget and eco-friendly e-transformation solutions that are developed in our R&D center allow you to automate your business processes and manage them readily in a single platform!

As Detaysoft, we develop innovative solutions, which are supported by TUBITAK, in our R&D center. Within e-Transformation solutions, we offer HR applications, such as e-Health, e-SSI, and SSI Incentive, Finance applications, such as e-Account Statement, e-Declaration, and e-Reconciliation, e-Signature, Digital Archiving System (DAS), and U-ETDS Integration solutions, besides mandatory applications such as e-Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Archive, e-Waybill, and e-Producer.


Our budget and eco-friendly e-Transformation solutions allow you to automate your operational business processes and manage them readily on a single platform. Thus, you can reduce your existing maintenance costs and save money.

Compatible with legal regulations and next-gen architecture, our e-Transformation solutions are dynamic, prompt, and flexible. Thanks to our e-Transformation solutions that are compatible with the dynamic infrastructure of SAP and include solutions which are able to operate independently by integrating with all the other systems, you can simplify your follow-up processes.

Why Should You Choose Detaysoft e-Transformation Solutions?

- Integrated working system with SAP and non-SAP applications

- Easy adaptation via user-friendly screens

- Management via a single hub

- Automation of your business processes

- The ability to save on your maintenance expenses

- Easy tracking

- Compliance with legal legislations

- Operational productivity and efficiency, compliance with global standards

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