Detaysoft e-Payroll Solution

Under Article 37 of the Labor Law, each employer has to provide its employee with the payroll. Introducing innovative and eco-friendly business solutions to the industry, Detaysoft realized its e-Payroll solution to allow employers to meet this responsibility safely and readily within this context.

Leveraging Detaysoft's e-Payroll solution, you can send the payrolls of your employees' electronically via Registered Electronic Mail (REM)* mails legally, validly, and securely, thereby easing your operational workload.

*Registered Electronic Mail (REM): It is defined as a system that preserves all kinds of commercial, legal correspondence, and documents in their submitted way, provides legal evidence relating to the recipient, ensures that the content remains unchanged at all times, and enables the content to become valid, secure, and hard evidence.

Detaysoft e-Payroll Solution's Features

• Send payrolls in bulk or individually.
• Apply advanced viewing and printing options on payrolls.
• Deliver payrolls to REM e-mail addresses.
• Submit encrypted mail via TR ID number or SMS.
• Store the data about payroll send time in the SAP system.

Saves Time

Saves Cost

Saves Paper

Fast and Easy to Use


Easily Trackable

Why Should You Choose Detaysoft's e-Payroll Solution?

• Obligations related to labour law are met effectively and accurately.
• E-Payroll prevents extra costs in workforce loss, consumable materials, equipment, and distribution expenses, thereby saving money.
• It offers increased employee engagement and performance..

Frequently Asked Questions

When the relevant employee opens the payroll via a password, can the employer see it?
-No. The employer cannot view whether the payroll is opened or not.
When the employer supplies an REM e-mail address for the employee, will an e-mail be delivered to the employee's REM address?
-Yes. E-mails can be delivered to each REM address.
Besides the evidence submitted to the outgoing mail, will there be status information at the bottom of payroll envelopes delivered? (such as delivered, sent, read)
Getting status information is possible provided that it is in the service's all methods.

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