Maintenance Repair Cockpit

Maintenance Repair Cockpit



Maintenance Repair Cockpit

Fasten your maintenance and repair processes.

The Maintenance Repair Cockpit, developed by Detaysoft, allows the maintenance and repair staff to view error alerts coming from any site instantly via the mobile app, as well as respond to the problem and fast data entry.

Companies that use the maintenance repair module generally perform operations on SAP's conventional screens in desktop computers. These operations, which use different transaction codes on conventional screens, can cause some challenges for mobile employees. 

The maintenance repair cockpit puts an end to this complex structure, and enables the following transactions to be performed with easy data entry on a single screen:

• Viewing notifications
•​ Displaying tickets
•​ Complete reporting of notifications and tickets
•​ Transforming notifications to tickets
•​ Approving tickets 
•​ Ticket confirmation
•​ Ticket completion
•​ Creating purchasing request


• Mobile access to maintenance and repair work 
•​ Fast data entry
•​ Easy-to-use, simplified screens 
•​ Instant data entry into the SAP ERP system
•​ Access by standard user and authorization
•​ Quick implementation

Why Detaysoft Maintenance Repair Cockpit?

• Allows mobile data entry
•​ Offers ease of use with user-friendly interfaces
•​ FIORI installation alone is sufficient for use
•​ Works with standard SAP users without the need for additional user licenses
•​ All maintenance and repair work on a single screen

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