SSI Incentive Solution

SSI Incentive Solution



SSI Incentive Solution

What is Detaysoft’s SSI Incentive Solution?

Detaysoft’s SSI Incentive Solution is a product that enables fast and secure calculation of maximum incentives and to follow the incentive process through SAP, leaving time-consuming, demanding calculations behind.


• Identify which laws individual employees should benefit from to ensure you obtain the highest incentives.
• Find the number of employees who can benefit from a specific law by calculating current and average employees figures in a single report.
• Find the average number of employees by adding those employed by subcontractors, which are not recorded in the SAP system, to the total number of employees.
• Based on the number of beneficiaries, assign the law number that will yield the highest incentive to the eligible employees.
• We also make additional enhancements according to your needs and expectations.

Why Detaysoft SSI Incentive Solution

• Ensure maximum security without giving your SSI login credentials.
• Simplify complex calculations resulting from different incentive utilization conditions and ensure their accuracy.
• Benefit from the full and maximum incentive amount among the laws that apply to individual employees.
• Analyze and report the total incentive amounts in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to run the report every month?
Yes. The report should be run after payrolls are calculated and tax bases accrue.
Can the system calculate incentives for individual laws?
Yes, it can.

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