Foreign Trade Package

Foreign Trade Package



Foreign Trade Package

Simplify your export processes

Using the Foreign Trade Package developed by Detaysoft, you can ensure that the data tracking required by import and export processes is carried out on the system, view the entire document flow and generate reports. 

With the Foreign Trade Package, you can follow all import-related processes including shipping and invoice tracking, import file tracking, customs declaration, clearance transactions, additional cost entries, closing and cost itemization procedures. The export cockpit screen allows you to track customer, shipping, payment and customs information by file numbers, as well movement documents and costs.


• Execute all foreign trade transactions on user friendly screens without the need for a separate database.
•​ With no integration required, long-term maintenance and management is very simple.
•​ Carry out all processes for tracking import and export files on a single system.
•​ Thanks to simple and easy-to-use screens, complete user training in less than a day.



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