DAS (Digital Archiving System)



DAS (Digital Archiving System)

What is the Detaysoft DAS (Digital Archiving System) Solution?

Detaysoft DAS (Digital Archiving System) solution makes it possible for paper-based invoices (outside the scope of electronic invoicing), e-Archive Invoices, printed invoices and other paper-based documents sent to taxpayers subject to e-Invoice requirements to be securely and automatically exported to SAP or non-SAP systems after digitalizing them using OCR technology

If the total amount of invoices that taxpayers, who are normally not subject to the e-Archive Invoice requirements, should issue exceeds TL 30,000 (or TL 5,0000 including taxes applicable for specific taxpayers) in a given month, such invoices must be issued in “e-Archive Invoice” format.

For more information on “e-Archive Invoice” requirements, please click here.


• Simple processing and storage of paper-based documents in digitalized format.
• Digitalized documents can be processed much faster compared to paper-based documents.
• Such documents are exported faster and more securely.
• Storage and delivery costs are significantly lower compared to paper-based documents.
• Digitalized documents are integrated more easily into internal processes.
• Accounting of digitalized documents is performed more easily.
• The solution can be included in the approval process of e-Invoices created in the system.
• Secure document export.
• Manual or automated digitalization of documents.

Why Detaysoft DAS?

• User-friendly screens offer ease of use.
• Paper-based documents can be easily exported to SAP or non-SAP systems.
• Easy reporting in SAP or non-SAP systems.
• Reporting enables rapid data checks.
• Exporting digitalized documents to the relevant invoicing and accounting, etc. screens in SAP or non-SAP systems.
• On-screen authorization feature.

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