DAS (Digital Archiving System)

DAS (Digital Archiving System)



DAS (Digital Archiving System)

What is the Detaysoft DAS (Digital Archiving System) Solution?

Detaysoft DAS (Digital Archiving System) solution makes it possible for paper-based invoices (outside the scope of electronic invoicing), e-Archive Invoices, printed invoices and other paper-based documents sent to taxpayers subject to e-Invoice requirements to be securely and automatically exported to SAP or non-SAP systems after digitalizing them using OCR technology

If the total amount of invoices that taxpayers, who are normally not subject to the e-Archive Invoice requirements, should issue exceeds TL 5,000 (or TL 2,0000 including taxes applicable for specific taxpayers) in a given month, such invoices must be issued in “e-Archive Invoice” format over the e-Document portal.

For more information on “e-Archive Invoice” requirements, please click here.


• Simple processing and storage of paper-based documents in digitalized format.
• Digitalized documents can be processed much faster compared to paper-based documents.
• Such documents are exported faster and more securely.
• Storage and delivery costs are significantly lower compared to paper-based documents.
• Digitalized documents are integrated more easily into internal processes.
• Accounting of digitalized documents is performed more easily.
• The solution can be included in the approval process of e-Invoices created in the system.
• Secure document export.
• Manual or automated digitalization of documents.

Why Detaysoft DAS?

• User-friendly screens offer ease of use.
• Paper-based documents can be easily exported to SAP or non-SAP systems.
• Easy reporting in SAP or non-SAP systems.
• Reporting enables rapid data checks.
• Exporting digitalized documents to the relevant invoicing and accounting, etc. screens in SAP or non-SAP systems.
• On-screen authorization feature.

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