Digital Signature


Digital Signature

What is Digital Signature?

Digital Signature is data in electronic form that is associated with other data in electronic form to verify identification of the signatory.


Detaysoft creates e-transformation solutions that comply with different countries’ regulations.

•​ Like a handwritten signature, electronic signature proves whether or not the signature data associated with an electronic document belongs to you. 
•​ Digital Signature provides the same legal standing as a handwritten signature.
•​ Digital Signature shows that the information transmitted in electronic transactions is not changed and that it belongs to the sender. 
•​ Digital Signature guarantees the authenticity of the signatory’s identification and therefore its legitimacy.

Formats that support e-Signature


Digital Signature Processes

Permission forms approval process 
•​ Approval processes for payment instructions 
•​ Work orders 
•​ Procurement approval processes

Why Detaysoft Digital Signature?

Compliant with Law No. 5060 on Electronic Signature.
•​ Ensures that Digital Signature processes are carried out reliably and in a manner to have legal consequences.
•​ Saves on labor and time.
•​ Helps you to take your business processes into the electronic environment.
•​ Accelerates your workflow by integrating with mobile signature.