Online DDS

With Online DDS, manage your collection processes effectively!



With Online DDS, manage your collection processes effectively!

Developed by Detaysoft, the Online Direct Debit System (DDS) solution enables your integration into the DDS system of banks via an application integrated with your accounting system and tailor-made to your needs.

What is Online Direct Debit System?

Direct Debit System (DDS) is a speedy and guaranteed cash management service, allowing companies with far-reaching customer networks to automatically collect invoices from their dealers or customers, where they sell goods and services, for their transactions to be made.

What does Online DDS offer?

-Eliminates your need to upload data to separate portals, programs, or files thanks to its full integration with SAP,

-The ability to send, update or cancel your invoices directly to the bank via the SAP GUI (Graphical User Interface) by saying goodbye to the username/password requirement,

-Allows you to query your billing information and customer limits online without uploading/downloading files,

-The ability to monitor the detailed limit data of the dealers registered in the system and display their financial structure,

-Helps you follow the limit updates promptly via instant DBS updates on the invoices to be issued by the company and the payments to be made by the customers,

-Integration with the DDS of any bank you want,

-Allows you to save any collection transaction to the system with a single transfer,

-The ability to collect your invoices in TRY and/or convertible currencies,

-Reduces the use of wire transfers, checks, bonds, and guarantee letters and saves operational workload and costs,

-Helps you see the maturity dates of your collections via the cash flow reports and monitor your collections.

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