What is e-Payment?

e-Payment is a system that allows you to create and approve open invoice payment requests in seller accounts and submit orders signed with e-Signature to banks.



Requisition Creation

Automatic Approval Process

Partial Payment


Process Monitoring

• Include payments generated with the F110 transaction code in the e-Signature process and receive their pdf files,
• Make partial payments,
• Create a payment request manually,.
• Upload files to the manual SAP system or Fiori interface and approve them,
• Transfer the signed files to the SFTP folders of banks,
• Monitor sent forms via reporting,
• And determine approval processes based on internal processes via group approver, fixed approver, and manual approver options. You can also add limit controls to group approvers to ensure the inclusion of added documents in the automatic approval process based on their limits.

Who Can Use?

Any company seeking to submit bank order files to the bank electronically can utilize the e-Payment package.

Why should you choose Detaysoft e-Payment?

• Automatic transfer of bank orders to the folders of the relevant bank electronically,
• Secure signature transactions,
• The ability to monitor each order process sent via reporting screens,
• Printing out the signed and sent forms in a signed format via the reporting screens,
• Savings on time, paper, and cost.

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