What is e-Prescription?





What is e-Prescription?

e-Prescription is a solution that runs on the systems of healthcare providers and is used by physicians to enter prescriptions in the manner announced and defined by the organization into the Medula system in electronic environment to produce prescriptions with electronic numbers.


Detaysoft creates e-transformation solutions that comply with different countries’ regulations.

• Requirements of the e-Prescription application:
     • Workplace physicians must have a password to log into the Medula system at https://medeczane.sgk.gov.tr/doktor/login.jsp.
     •​ If a password is not available, the physician should register at https://medeczane.sgk.gov.tr/doktor/UserIslem.faces.
     •​ The Digital Signature USB device must be procured. 

• Prescription date, Medula Tracking No. Date, is automatically brought to the physician's screen as the date of the day by the healthcare provider's automation system.
•​ The prescription type option appears preselected on the screen.
•​ If the physician is going to prescribe a medicine subject to red, orange, purple, green prescriptions, he/she will need to select the relevant prescription type.
•​ Where necessary, the physician should also select the prescription sub-type option. Generally, there is no need to select the recipe sub-type.
•​ Information flow into the e-SSA solution developed by Detaysoft is possible.
•​ Prescription number is shown on the screen.

Why Detaysoft e-Prescription?

• Offers screens that can be easily used by workplace physicians.
•​ Enabled fast flow together with SAP screens for all requested needs. 
•​ Helps workplace physicians to generate a prescription easily.
•​ Works with e-SSA packages and accompanies you with end-to-end SAP solutions for your healthcare processes.
•​ Thanks to its functional modules, the automation program enables secure access for users.
•​ Generates reports and analyses on employee health based on available data.

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