What is e-SSA?





What is e-SSA?

This solution includes electronic processes to accelerate the processes of company employees in a .NET-based software.


Detaysoft creates e-transformation solutions that comply with different countries’ regulations.

• Separate installation is required for individual employees who will use the program.
• After running the standard and/or Z program for e-Declaration, the system becomes functional with the XML file of all workplaces made into a single file.
• The program segments the single XML file according to workplaces and document type.
• Automatically opens a separate page for each workplace and uploads the segmented XML files to SSA.
• Integration is built for e-Declaration, e-Employment Start Declaration and e-Employment Exit Declaration.

Why Detaysoft e-SSA?

• Manage all your processes with a click.
• Complete approval transaction with peace of mind without the need for entering a password and security code each time.
• Login automatically to SSA pages.
• Offers manual approval option through the program.
• Job exit and employment declarations are printed manually. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the user names and passwords used for multiple company codes be mapped to a table?
Yes, they can.
While performing transactions in the employment-exit screens of e-Declaration, does an information pop-up appear about which user has it?
Evet, this can be done in developments.
Do I need to prepare individual Excel files for multiple companies, or is only one Excel enough?
It is possible with one Excel file.

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