What is e-Account Statement?

e-Account Statement



e-Account Statement

What is e-Account Statement? 

The e-Account Statement solution, developed by Detaysoft, established service setup between your bank and the SAP system, allowing your bank account information to be transmitted to SAP via secure https connection.


Detaysoft creates e-transformation solutions that comply with different countries’ regulations.

• The service-based e-Account Statement solution is able to retrieve account movements instantly by accessing the bank’s web services online from your SAP.
•​ The solution can process customer-seller or key accounts with your bank account without any intermediary account.
•​ The solution can access the bank via a single cockpit for the records in a given time range.
•​ The e-Account Statement is able to convert different services provided by individual banks into a single format.
•​ Prevents unauthorized access.
•​ In wire transfers, Taxpayer ID, Turkish ID and IBAN are checked and transactions are automatically recorded in the accounts of the right customer and seller.
•​ The solution can also create records for banking transactions such as loan deficiency payments (LDP) other than wire transfers. 
•​ Maintenance for automatic accounting records.

Processes and Banks

• The XML account statement format agreed with the bank is read with the username and password received from the bank.
•​ Company code and account statement date are entered in the incoming screen.
•​ e-Account Statement covers the following banks:

Why Detaysoft e-Account Statement?

• Access correct data updated momentarily.
•​ Perform banking transactions quickly.
•​ With integration into SAP, check your accounts in SAP.
•​ Check the latest data.
•​ Number of banks we partner with keeps increasing.
•​ Offers online viewing and accounting.
•​ No need for separate user names and passwords for individual banks. 
•​ Compare bank balances with those in SAP.
•​ Enjoy user-friendly screens.
•​ Save time and effort by not spending time for individual banks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get instant data with e-Account Statement?
The prominent feature of this solution is that it retrieves data into your SAP system instantly.
How are wire transfers attributed in e-Account Statement?
Bu checking Taxpayer ID/Turkish ID/IBAN, wire transfers are attributed to the right customer and seller accounts.
Why should I buy your e-Account Statement package?
Using this solution, you can check all your bank account movements quickly and instantly.
Does the e-Account Statement package include accounting?
Yes, you can also do accounting.
Does the e-Account Statement package include reporting?
Yes, reporting feature is also included.
Is the e-Account Statement package only integrated with SAP?
No, since it also works as non-SAP, it can be integrated with other systems as well.
How many banks does your e-Account Statement package have integrations with?
We have integrations with 21 banks.

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