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We Create Value in the Digital Transformation Process with Innovative SAP Solutions.

As the leader of innovative SAP technologies such as S/4HANA, SuccessFactors, C/4HANA, SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) and Rise with SAP in Turkey, Detaysoft, together with its business units introduces firsts to organizations. Detaysoft makes continuous investments to position developing technologies according to customer needs and goals, and provides its clients from diverse industries with a competitive edge by interpreting Big Data. 

Detaysoft creates value in the digital transformation journey of its clients and offers SAP solutions under the headings “ERP & Digital Core, Digital Platform, Procurement and Networks, Analytics, Customer Experience, Digital Supply Chain, Human Resources, Finance” as well as SAP License Maintenance Services, Application and System Support Services, SAP Technology and Application Consultancy Services and Outsourcing.


Next-Generation Business Transformation Package: RISE with SAP

Chart your route to the intelligent enterprise journey with Detaysoft and get access to all the solutions and services you need for true business transformation in one package with RISE with SAP With 20 year of expertise, we tailor the Next Generation Transformation Package RISE with SAP, which offers S/4HANA, infrastructure, platform and SAP expertise in one contract as a service with a cloud business model, to your business and industry.

SAP Employee Experience HXM (SuccessFactors) (SuccessFactors)

Building a human-centric corporate culture for sustainable growth is among the priorities of human resources managers. A motivated workforce is needed to adapt to change and manage stress effectively. With SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM Suite), you can transition from transactional human capital management (HCM) to end-to-end human experience management (HXM) and increase the performance of your organization with a more flexible and highly loyal workforce. You can simplify your HR processes to drive better business results, find the right talents, develop future leaders, and engage all employees with automated, transparent processes and a digital HR experience.  

Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB)

Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB) is an approach used to budget operational spending. It enables organizations to identify their major recent costs, and more importantly, determine the resources they need to allocate, align and sustain their strategic priorities.

ZBB is not a new approach but it is quite unlike traditional budgeting methods. Dating back more than 50 years, it can be described as a reform in terms of the financial freedom it brings to companies in cost and performance management.

SAP C/4HANA - 360-degree customer management with Detaysoft

In response to evolving market conditions and customer expectations, SAP C/4HANA helps some of the world’s leading organizations to transform, offer exceptional experiences, add new channels, develop business models and enter new markets. önde gelen kuruluşlarının bazılarına dönüşmesine, olağanüstü deneyimler sunmasına, yeni kanallar eklemesine, iş modellerini geliştirmesine ve yeni pazarlara girmesine yardımcı oluyor.

Who uses SAP C/4HANA

• Businesses that use Big Data in marketing management
• Organizations that aspire to make a difference in customer satisfaction based on customer experience
• Organizations in dynamic industries that need fast action
• Businesses engaged in multichannel commerce
• Organizations that aim to stay ahead of competition with strategic decisions
• Organizations, which are open to change and lead digital transformation

SAP S/4HANA – Next Generation ERP Software

An intelligent ERP solution that enables companies to capture every opportunity in today’s digital world, SAP S/4HANA removes common obstacles associated with legacy ERP applications, such as batch latency, complex landscapes, and manually-driven processes.

• Award-winning user experience
• Artificial intelligence capabilities 
• Next-generation processes
• Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployment 

Key Capabilities of SAP S/4HANA

• Digitize your finance processes
• Take control of your supply chain
• Stay ahead of your procurement needs
• Achieve insights across your business
• Develop industry-specific functionality
• Manage product lifecycles more effectively

Application Management Services (AMS)

The purpose of SAP support services is to provide partners the needed support services within the framework of knowledge and Detaysoft SAP consulting experience in our business processes with implemented SAP solutions.

• 7/24 support
• Expert support team
• Sustainable, continuous and traceable processes
• According to customer needs and support organization edited
• Lokalized support world-class process management structure
• Application of End-t-End SAP Support Standard

Detaysoft Systems Management Support Scope

• Checking of errors in the systems reported in the log but not felt by users
• The execution of mutual performed procedures
• The elimination of the problems at Basis, doing research for these problems on the SAP OSS notes and opening the client note and the execution when needed
• Examination of dump analysis on the system and producing the necessary solution and implementation
• Checking if daily backups are healthy or not, maintaining a backup strategy
• Investigation of memory and CPU usage graphically for perceived slowdown in the system, production and implementation of the necessary solutions
• Monitoring of the adequacy of disk capacity, production and implementation of the solution
• Application of kernel patches and hot packages when they are released by SAP and the database if they are deemed necessary
• A homogeneous system copy process depending on the customer requests
• Control and regulation of the reporting period on the basis side and informing customers of the required performance maintenance studies on the ABAP side
• Maintaining spool printers and stuffing/embalming on SAP
• In case of system crash, establishment of the SAP system based on SAP standard and restoring / carrying out the recovery process
• SAP and database performance tuning
• Support and coordination work
• 7/24 support under the SLA
• User management
• Ensuring the SAP system security​




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