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What is SAP C/4HANA?

In response to evolving market conditions and customer expectations, SAP C/4HANA helps some of the world’s leading organizations to transform, offer exceptional experiences, add new channels, develop business models and enter new markets.


It enables businesses to simply the way they engage with their customers, how they conduct and renew their operations, thus their “technology landscapes”.

Creates Opportunity

It optimizes the customer experience with a comprehensive approach, increases customer loyalty and creates an opportunity to transform your business.

Competitive Advantage

It allows a strong differentiation and competitive edge in digital economy by helping you to improve the customer experience in real time across all touch points. 

Who uses SAP C/4HANA

• Businesses that use Big Data in marketing management
•​ Organizations that aspire to make a difference in customer satisfaction based on customer experience
•​ Organizations in dynamic industries that need fast action 
•​ Businesses engaged in multichannel commerce 
•​ Organizations that aim to stay ahead of competition with strategic decisions
•​ Organizations, which are open to change and lead digital transformation

Benefits of SAP C/4HANA

• Successful management of next generation marketing methods
•​ Real-time, predictive analytics
•​ Analyzing data in real time
•​ Online and offline use
•​ Effective promotion management
•​ Simplifying complex structures
•​ Usability on mobile platforms
•​ Industry specific solutions
•​ Increased sales
•​ Performance, maintenance and sustainability
•​ Actionable insights
•​ Best end-to-end customer service
•​ Better customer recognition
•​ Powerful B2B and B2C solutions
•​ Easy customer analysis and monitoring
•​ Social media integration
•​ Meeting customer needs with personalized solutions
•​ Real-time management of dealers or distributors in one single center and system
•​ Procurement, receipt and return transactions at every desired point
•​ Managing CRM processes by benefiting from cloud technology

5 reasons to choose SAP C/4HANA


End-to-end digital process optimization across sales, service, commerce and marketing


Personalizing customer experience with insight-based offers


Empowering sales and service organizations with mobility and real-time analytics


Meaningful marketing activities that support customer profiles across all channels


Working on a single, true source by thinking outside the box

SAP C/4HANA: SAP’s CRM software and customer experience solution

SAP C/4HANA solutions are designed to easily implement and integrate your existing systems. As your company's needs evolve, we are able to expand our modular solutions together. Since the components are designed to work together; the migration process makes the SAP C/4HANA products that you decide to use even easier.






SAP C/4HANA in A Minute

Do you want to explore the SAP C/4HANA in a minute?

SAP C/4HANA suite comprises products that allow you to manage all channels where you engage with your customers and focus on them as a whole.