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Utilize Eco-Friendly Intelligent Technologies for a Sustainable Future!

Utilize Eco-Friendly Intelligent Technologies for a Sustainable Future!

We only have one Earth. We also have finite resources... To create a more habitable future and leave a sustainable world for future generations, important responsibilities fall upon both individuals and the business world. Intelligent technologies, especially cloud computing, assist businesses in achieving their sustainability goals.

Detaysoft, Top-Level SAP Platinum | Global partner, supports its clients to become intelligent and sustainable businesses by means of innovative SAP solutions developed at its R&D center. In addition to solutions that enable business processes to be conducted in the cloud, methods such as process sustainability, digital archiving, zero-based budgeting, and intelligent ERP systems contribute to a more sustainable future.

Achieve your sustainability goals with Sustainability Control Tower!

Leverage the power of data using Sustainability Control Tower to create sustainable processes and establish a relationship with your stakeholders based on trust and transparency. You can set sustainability goals for your business and monitor the progress of your entire sustainability operations. You can pave the way for initiatives aligned with climate, the circular economy, and social impact objectives.

With Sustainability Control Tower, you can utilize comprehensive guidance in alignment with your corporate sustainability approach and Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) reporting. By analyzing your sustainability performance around finance, HR, and other operations, you can seamlessly match with multiple ESG standards through compatible reports.

Why choose Sustainability Control Tower?

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Digitize your documents with Detaysoft DAS and help protect nature!

With Detaysoft's DAS (Digital Archiving System) solution, you can securely and automatically transfer paper invoice documents sent to e-Invoice taxpayers and those outside the electronic scope, e-Archive Invoices, pre-printed invoices, and paper-based documents created with OCR technology to SAP or non-SAP systems. You can prevent paper waste by using digital documents in line with your sustainability goals.

Why should you choose Detaysoft DAS?

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“Zero-Based Budgeting” approach with Z+Pack for financial sustainability!

Globalization, increasing competition, and technological advancements have made accurate identification, planning, and efficient management of costs a necessity for companies. In today's world, traditional cost management methods are no longer sufficient, and companies are turning to new, sustainable approaches. Just as in all business sectors, it is possible to create sustainable processes in finance as well. You can incorporate the "Zero-Based Budgeting" methodology into your business procedures for budgeting operational costs. The Zero Based Budgeting method allows you to prioritize future projections over past occurrences and swiftly see the outcomes.

Unlike traditional budgeting methods, Zero-Based Budgeting uncovers significant recent costs, and more importantly, it helps determine where resources should be allocated to align with strategic priorities and thereby sustains that alignment. In doing so, instead of using budgets from previous years, it establishes a budgeting approach that starts from scratch each time by analyzing the needs of each operation.

Implement Zero Based Budgeting, the next-generation budgeting approach, using Detaysoft's fast, flexible, and user-friendly SAP-approved "Z+Pack | Detaysoft Zero-Based Budgeting Package for Intelligent Enterprises on SAP Analytics Cloud" solution and focus on growth and the future.

Why choose Zero Based Budgeting?


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Why choose Z+Pack?

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Move your business to the cloud and pave the way for a sustainable future!

An increasing number of businesses are harnessing the power of cloud technologies, with 90% of businesses using these technologies today. Cloud computing enables users to access data, applications, and services via servers, making it possible to access them from anywhere, and thus eliminating hardware requirements and providing seamless access from any location.

Working with Detaysoft, you can utilize a number of widely used SAP cloud solutions such as RISE with SAP, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP CX and SAP SuccessFactors

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Transform your business using RISE with SAP, protect the future of the planet

To stand out in today's competitive business environment, you can move your business processes to the cloud and redesign them. RISE with SAP offers a comprehensive transformation package that facilitates this transition. It fulfills the need for a simple, flexible, and holistic solution that accompanies every step of the intelligent business journey.

RISE with SAP not only offers the tools necessary for businesses to become intelligent and future-ready but also provides guidance and support systems. Moreover, it allows for charting the most suitable path for the organization, regardless of its starting point or desired speed of progress.

With RISE with SAP, you can migrate your existing ERP data and processes to the cloud with minimal risk. A compatible cloud ERP transformation enables you to automate your business processes, create innovative business models on a global scale, and leverage the best practices specific to your industry and locality.

Why choose RISE with SAP?

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Make your business future-fit with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Integrate the entire business process with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, the intelligent ERP solution operating in the cloud, and transform real-time data into action, enhance production efficiency, and achieve security and innovation at the level expected from SAP.

Make sustainability a direct component of your business and clear the path for growth with an environmentally conscious approach.

Why choose SAP S/4HANA Cloud?

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