Sky-high passenger experiences with integrated technologies.

Sky-high passenger experiences with integrated technologies.



Sky-high passenger experiences with integrated technologies.

Detaysoft brings the latest technological competencies to airports to meet the digital age requirements by presenting the highest level of international IT standards and technological power. With over 23 years of SAP expertise, Detaysoft accompanies digital transformation journeys with end-to-end business processes connected to the customer experience. Solutions containing cloud technologies enable genuinely personalized experiences for travelers to meet individual expectations fully.

Lounge, buggy, fast track, priority check-in, carpark, valet, and city transfer services offered by IGA PASS, the membership program that provides a privileged, comfortable, and pleasant travel experience for passengers that use the Istanbul Ground Airport run on SAP C/4HANA, implemented under the consultancy of Detaysoft.



Ersin İnankul, CIO at Istanbul Airport, and General Manager at IST SYSTEMS, explains:

“IGA PASS is a loyalty management program and the Istanbul Airport app is actually integrated into it. By using the app, you benefit from a number of services between your home and the aircraft.”


    - Benefiting from common advantages due to the use of SAP by business partners

    - To stand out from the competition by quickly responding to change and the increasing demands of the industry

    - Possibility to perform marketing management with big data

    - Opportunity to make a difference in customer satisfaction based on customer experience

    - To stand out from the competition by making strategic decisions

Benefits of SAP C/4HANA

    - The speed and advantages of C/4HANA

    - Successful management of next generation marketing methods

    - Real-time, predictive analytics

    - Online and offline use ability

    - Simplifying complex structures

    - Usability on mobile platforms

    - Performance, maintenance and sustainability

    - Best end-to-end customer service

    - Easy customer analysis and monitoring

    - Meeting customer needs with personalized solutions

    - Managing CRM processes by benefiting from cloud technology

Generation Business Transformation Package: RISE with SAP

Chart your route to the intelligent enterprise journey with Detaysoft and get access to all the solutions and services you need for true business transformation in one package with RISE with SAP With 23 years of expertise, we tailor the Next Generation Transformation Package RISE with SAP, which offers S/4HANA, infrastructure, platform and SAP expertise in one contract as a service with a cloud business model, to your business and industry.


Application Management Services (AMS)

The aim of our service is to provide partners the needed support services within the framework of knowledge and Detaysoft SAP consulting experience in our business processes with implemented SAP solutions.

Detaysoft Systems Management Support Scope

- Checking of errors in the systems reported in the log but not felt by users

- The execution of mutual performed procedures

- The elimination of the problems at Basis, doing research for these problems on the SAP OSS notes and opening the client note and the execution when needed

- Examination of dump analysis on the system and producing the necessary solution and implementation

- Checking if daily backups are healthy or not, maintaining a backup strategy

- Investigation of memory and CPU usage graphically for perceived slowdown in the system, production and implementation of the necessary solutions

- Monitoring of the adequacy of disk capacity, production and implementation of the solution

- Application of kernel patches and hot packages when they are released by SAP and the database if they are deemed necessary

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