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Next-Generation HR Management and the Future of Human Resources



HR processes are becoming increasingly digitalized. So, how much do you integrate intelligent technologies into the roadmap you created to manage your HR processes?

Building a human-centric organizational culture for sustainable growth is a top priority of human resources (HR) professionals. The world we live in is driving transformation in the business, the workforce, and the workplace. As remote work becomes a norm in today’s reality, organizations adapt their business methods and human resources approach to change.

As the digitalization efforts that gained more momentum with the pandemic transform HR, everything new about a company and its employees secures the present day much more than a future vision. Building a motivated workforce is essential, if you intend to adapt to change and manage stress effectively. Therefore, automating the HR processes and designing them as clean and more transparent business processes makes it possible to manage the change.

We need a more integrated employee experience, and we need it now!

Until recently, companies had never faced a situation where they had to overhaul their business processes or strategies entirely. But today, the situation is quite different because remote work has become more than just a working model that makes a difference for many companies; it is now the norm and the future of work. Today, employees want to work for companies that provide more than high salaries, bonuses, or fringe benefits. They seek to be part of the communities that align with the times, support their participation and well-being, develop their skills, and offer easy-to-use solutions. In other words, the rise of innovative technologies encourages transition to a more integrated employee experience.


With the developments in cloud technologies, leading human resources experts are rebuilding the HR structures on these technologies to understand and manage employees better. According to ISG Research’s 2021 HR Tech Survey, 46% of businesses plan to allocate more than half of their HR software budgets for cloud-based systems, while more than 75% expect to move at least one of their HR systems to the cloud by 2021. So, what about HR professionals?

HR must be transformed!

According to KPMG’s “The Future of HR in the New Reality Survey 2020” conducted with 1,288 HR professionals from 59 countries, 40% of the respondents state that the key capability of HR functions in today’s primarily remote work model is to manage experience, performance, and efficiency. In addition, a high majority (81%) agree that assessment metrics should be reviewed as most of the workforce shifts to remote work.

On the other hand, new and updated learning and development platforms rank first with 54% among the investment priorities of HR professionals, followed by virtual working technologies that support remote work at 53% and organizational service management at 49%. And transformation! Nearly 70% of HR professionals think that “HR must be transformed” to generate more effective solutions to future problems.

Bring the employee experience to the center!

Transforming HR requires HR executives and IT professionals to work together to find the best solutions to automate business processes. And these efforts result in: 

- Managing employee data 
- Tracking employee attendance 
- Defining transparent and fair compensation 
- Effective team training 
- Optimized recruitment processes 
- Effective cost management 
- Time savings 
- Maximizing employee loyalty 
- Performance analysis 
- Organizational efficiency 

These are all the outcomes of next-generation digital solutions that bridge the communication gaps between the employees and executives. However, generating real insights to support employee-related decisions can only be possible, if we can go beyond production reporting. In other words, HR teams should gain competitive advantages, develop strategies based on statistical analysis supported by digital solutions, optimize efficiency, use time effectively, and adopt a transparent management approach. And of course, they should place people and their skills at the center.

As HR processes are increasingly digitalized, where are you on this transformation journey?

Embracing change as a success factor and understanding how to manage change as you take critical steps toward digital transformation is key to ensuring that such change succeeds. Transformation only begins when a company's capability to build an effective dialogue across its business processes to encompass human resources is combined with the guidance of the right partners that accompany them! So, where are you on this transformation journey? How do you create your next-generation HR management roadmap as intelligent technologies come to the rescue of HR professionals in improving the employee experience, finding the right talent, training future leaders, and ensuring employee loyalty?

Capture HR transformation with Detaysoft’s expertise

Detaysoft brings the essential innovative steps on the digital transformation roadmap and global best practices together to offer intelligent solutions that improve a company’s human resources processes. With the HR and Employee Engagement HxM | SAP SuccessFactors solution, Detaysoft adopts a transparent and digital HR approach, and automates activities such as recruiting candidates for the system, managing all processes remotely, maximizing employee performance, and carrying out internal communication on a single platform. If you intend to find the right talent, train future leaders, and turn people skills into value by enhancing employee loyalty, Detaysoft is here to help you capture the digital era of HR with its expertise in this field!

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