Core HR an Payroll (HXM Suite)

Core HR an Payroll



Core HR an Payroll

With the Core HR and Payroll solution in the SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM Suite) portfolio, you can manage a global workforce through cloud-based solutions for core HR, payroll under Turkish legislation, time, attendance, and service delivery.

Meet the needs of your people and your business with SAP SuccessFactors HXM

Your core HR and payroll solutions should allow you to recruit employees regardless of their location, comply with global HR regulations, and facilitate employee responsibilities to meet the needs of a worldwide workforce your core HR and payroll solutions.

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central

- People, profiles, and transactions: Apply HR practices to standardize processes and transactions, run employee self-services, and simplify compliance management.

- Organizational management: Model and visualize your company. Use embedded analytics to get real-time insight into your workforce.

- Time and attendance tracking: Track time, attendance, and absences for all employees, while automatically calculating employee time and pay.

- Global benefits management: Simplify and streamline the management of employee benefits.

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll

- Real-time payroll monitoring: Minimize potential errors, provide regulatory compliance, and boost employee satisfaction.

- Payroll localization: Enjoy having localized payroll calculations easily specific to Turkey.

- Global payroll management: Covering over 40 countries, SAP SuccessFactors solutions help you meet the global and local payroll needs of your growing company.

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Service Center

- Integrated HR knowledge base: Provide easy access to your HR knowledge base, enable self-service practices, and minimize the ticket load.

- HR ticketing: Route issues to the right agent and provide the information agents need to resolve issues.

- HR service analytics: Gain data-based insight into employee interactions and the quality of the services provided.

- Service-level agreement (SLA) compliance: Analyze employee interactions and issues to measure and improve HR service quality with predefined SLA compliance reports.

An intuitive digital workplace experience: SAP Work Zone for HR

- Enrich employee processes through an integrated digital experience.

- Enable your team to work smarter and faster from anywhere.

- Increase the engagement of employees with two-way communications.

- Foster a culture of continuous learning in your organization.

- Optimize employee onboarding, cross-boarding, and off-boarding processes.

- Tap into flexible and secure systems that will support remote working. 

- Proactively monitor and improve the employee experience.

SAP SuccessFactors Document Management by OpenText

- Streamlined document management: Access and manage documents with a single solution to increase service standards and accelerate responses for shared services.

- Simplified access to employee documents: Gain a centralized view of employee digital files and use full-text search to locate employee documents quickly.

- Compliance management: Support compliance with HR regulations and legal requirements with retention rules and employee file completeness checks.

- Automated HR document generation: Use predefined, flexible templates to create personalized employee correspondence quickly.

What other solutions are in the SAP Employee Experience HXM (SuccessFactors) portfolio?

Employee Experience Management

Create opportunities to support the development of your employees. Listen to employee feedback and take beneficial actions. Boost employee engagement with an exceptional experience.

Talent Management

With powerful human resources software, fulfill the needs of your talented teams regarding their recruiting, onboarding, performance, compensation, learning, promotion, and personal development processes.

HR Analytics and Workforce Planning

Gain data-driven insights on human resources business processes and make smarter decisions quicker by leveraging people analytics and workforce planning tools to boost the overall company performance.

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