Increase the impact of your SAP applications with SAP Business Technology Platform

Increase the impact of your SAP applications with SAP Business Technology Platform

Increase the impact of your SAP applications with SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Business Technology Platforms offer a critical advantage to businesses that strengthen their business processes with technology investments,enabling them to adapt to dynamic market conditions and accelerate innovation. These platforms play a critical role in increasing the flexibility and agility required to respond to the changing needs of the business world and gain a competitive advantage.

SThe SAP Business Technology Platform brings together application development and automation, data and analytics, integration, and artificial intelligence capabilities on the same platform. As a portfolio of products, services, and solutions gathered under a single roof, SAP BTP enables businesses to design applications, integrate them into business processes, and extend application capabilities using cloud services and technologies. With the low-code and no-code principle under a flexible platform framework, SAP BTP facilitates developing applications easily without writing a single line of code..

Increases the impact of SAP applications

A survey conducted by IDC among SAP customers reveals the business value of the SAP Business Technology Platform. Respondents who evaluated the impact of running the platform with SAP environments including ERP solutions state that they have made their use of SAP more effective, innovative, and beneficial by making better use of data, with higher quality and timely functionality, as well as leveraging automation in business processes.

IDC calculates that SAP customers interviewed as part of the survey will achieve about $195,100 per 100 users annually thanks to the Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). It is because

  • SAP BTP empowers people responsible for creating value through the use of data, including analytics and database (DBA) teams thanks to offering higher quality data, faster access to data, and richer reporting.
  • SAP BTP benefits from deeper integration and more efficient approaches, allowing projects to be completed quickly thanks to its low-code development feature.
  • SAP BTP helps businesses achieve efficiency through the automation of business processes, including embedded artificial intelligence capabilities.
  • A single cloud-based platform running SAP ecosystems offers cost savings and staff productivity.

Other remarkable findings of the survey are as follows:


Personalize your SAP experience

In SAP BTP, you can find many innovations integrated with SAP applications. You can enrich user interactions and access all your data in real-time and completely thanks to its artificial intelligence and automation features.

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Pave the way for innovation

Using SAP BTP, you can work faster using the no-code and code-priority development tools. You can analyze data from the SAP applications in the right context and meaning, and quickly implement your projects using the ready-made sectoral content and usage scenarios.

Work on a trusted platform

You can deploy a cloud environment managed by SAP and customize your business processes as you wish without needing maintenance. You can use your preferred corporate cloud when working in your current IT environment.

Why choose SAP BTP?


  • Accelerating innovation with a modern cloud-based technology platform
  • Digitalizing all operations of the company
  • Integrating, expanding, and enriching business processes
  • Strengthening the employee experience to make innovations
  • Increasing innovation agility without slowing down operations

Solution: SAP BTP

  • Integrated technology platform optimized for SAP applications
  • No-code application development, data and analytics, integration, automation, and artificial intelligence
  • Extended analytics that connect people and plans
  • Intuitive development environment for all users
  • Self-service data management, modeling, planning, and analytics
  • Best practice scenarios for industrial and sectoral use
  • Comprehensive integration options to connect SAP and non-SAP applications
  • Opportunity to experience Public Cloud

Reliable and award-winning platform, experienced solution partner

SAP Business Technology Platform was awarded the “2023 Top Rated” platform in the Application Infrastructure and PaaS categories by TrustRadius, an independent research and review platform. Moreover, it was awarded in 3 categories as part of the TrustRadius' "Winter 2023" awards: Best Feature Set, Best Value for Money, and Best Relationship.

By collaborating with Detaysoft, a top-level Global | Platinum Partner of SAP, for your innovation journey in the cloud, you can benefit from SAP experience of a quarter-century as well as a reliable technology platform. Thanks to the SAP Business Technology Platform, cloud-based innovations that meet the specific needs of your organization and work seamlessly with your core business processes allow you to achieve higher value from your investments. You can extend your business processes in a more agile way and make them smarter to deliver personalized experiences that improve your business productivity and user engagement.

Grow your business in the cloud with SAP S/4HANA Cloud!

With SAP S/4HANA Cloud, an intelligent ERP solution suitable for all business needs, you can integrate your entire business process from critical operations to business model innovations. In a cloud-based infrastructure, you can make data-driven decisions using predictive analytics, and gain automation, efficiency, and agility through machine learning. You can access new sources for growth by easily transitioning from a product-based business to a service-based business.

You can continuously improve your profit margin by using end-to-end intelligent automation in your operational processes. You can turn real-time data into action, improve employee productivity, and always pave the way for innovation thanks to a scalable platform. With company-wide checks and in-depth reporting, you can proactively manage regulatory requirements. With the two-tier application, you can simplify the consolidation and integration between headquarters and subsidiaries.

Why choose SAP S/4HANA Cloud?

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With RISE with SAP, move your business processes to the cloud!

You can start your journey to becoming intelligent and sustainable enterprises with "RISE with SAP", which offers proven models for various sectors such as automotive, consumer products, industrial machinery and parts, retail, and energy. Thus, you can achieve remarkable performance in all business processes, from supply chain to finance, from procurement to production. You can redesign your business processes by moving them to the cloud and gain advantages that will bring your organization ahead of the competition.

RISE with SAP, which offers digital transformation as a package in a single offer and a single contract, provides a simple, flexible, and holistic solution, accompanying every step of the way to smart and sustainable businesses.

Why choose RISE with SAP?

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With SAP SuccessFactors, create a people-oriented corporate culture!

With SAP SuccessFactors, you can transition from operational human capital management (HCM) to end-to-end human experience management (HXM) to adapt to change and achieve sustainable growth. With a more flexible and engaged workforce, you can improve your organization's performance constantly.

SAP SuccessFactors, which improves human capital experience, offers end-to-end cloud solutions focused on human capital experience for human resources business processes. It helps you benefit from the power of SAP with its strong technological infrastructure. With SAP SuccessFactors, you can simplify your human resources processes, find the right talents, and train the leaders of the future using a digital human capital experience, and strengthen employee loyalty.

Why choose SAP SuccessFactors?

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