Global SAP Support

Global SAP Support Services

As SAP Platinum Partner, we offer you the needed support services to maintain critical software systems in over 100 countries, and ensure making your systems run more efficiently.

Jointly, the United VARs members provide local support in over 100+ countries.

We assist you for continuous improvement with 24/7 follow the sun capability, local perspective and well-qualified experts speaking your language.


Time saving


Easy access to qualified experts

Continuous improvement

Platform stability

With the global know-how and local expertise, we offer you Global SAP Support Services for your operations worldwide 24/7 in the scope of the Service Level Agreement (SLA) in case of any problem that may prevent your digital transformation process.

Priority & Ticket Management

We ensure remarkable support, great communication, and swift response time as per SLAs on your requests by using our ticket management platform. We enable you to quickly assign inquiries to the related expert who has the local knowledge and global know-how.

Effective Root Cause Analysis (RCA) & Reports

Conducting a root cause analysis is the essential part of this model for continuous improvement. During the ongoing operations, we identify failure points by going through the root-cause analysis on recurring requests effectively. Moreover, we generate monthly and weekly reports based on operational and strategic levels.

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