We empower the automotive industry with solutions that add value.

We empower the automotive industry with solutions that add value.



We empower the automotive industry with solutions that add value.

Companies in the automotive and supply industry, a major driver of the national economy, aim for more flexibility in production to align with industry standards and further growth with the momentum of innovation. In the digital age, if you intend to expand your company's growth horizon by combining your innovative approach with intelligent cloud technologies, start your digital transformation now under the consultancy of Detaysoft. 

With more than 20 years of SAP expertise, we implemented end-to-end projects for nearly 30 clients that create local and global value. The projects that we deployed with Assan Hanil, Bant Boru, Borusan, Tofaş, and Üstünberk Holding won multiple awards in the SAP ecosystem. We were also recognized with an award in the Innovation category at the IDC CIO Awards for the Smart Factory Project that we deployed with ANADOLU ISUZU, which we accompanied in their digital transformation journey. In addition, the “model company” approach we implemented at Farplas became a first of its kind in Turkey!


Maintaining the growth trend and seizing opportunities in the automotive market with increasingly higher service expectations is possible by building a speedy decision-making mechanism across the supply chain, and establishing a flexible IT infrastructure to meet evolving business needs!


Transform Your Business: RISE with SAP

Chart your intelligent enterprise journey in partnership with Detaysoft and get RISE with SAP. This package bundles all the solutions and services you need for true business transformation in the digital economy. With over 20 years of experience, we tailor the Next Generation Transformation Package RISE with SAP, which offers S/4HANA, equipment, infrastructure, and SAP expertise in one contract as a service with a cloud business model, to your business and industry.

We accompany companies in the automotive and supply industry, the driver of the national economy with technology, systems, services, solutions, and more. These include intelligent ERP focused on industry-specific needs, next-generation CRM and customer experience CX, digital human resources, supply chain, integrated business planning, finance, and product lifecycle management, as well as e-transformation solutions and application-system support services developed in our R&D Center. We also tailor intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence, business analytics, machine learning, IoT (internet of things), business intelligence, blockchain, and cloud to your business goals. Furthermore, leading the "SAP Model Company" and "RISE with SAP" approaches in the SAP ecosystem, we ensure that the industry maintains its competitive edge on international platforms and manufacturers operate with technological performance to stay ahead of the curve.

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SAP Model Company

Let’s work together to transform your increasingly globalized business into an enterprise structure, and integrate the automotive experiences derived from SAP Model Company into your processes. Model Company is a solution package that consists of ready-to-use, preconfigured processes for individual industries and lines of business. Experiences derived from successful deployments, latest technological content, and globally recognized processes make up Model Company. Provided as a service integrated into an extensive technology plan, SAP Model Company helps reduce project deployment costs, mitigate risks, and adapt to the preparation, analysis and implementation of the project methodology.

Industry References

Anadolu IsuzuEcoplasTefaş
ASCFederal Mogul                    Tırsan
Beyçelik Gestamp                              Kubota                                           UMA 
Borusan OtomotivMagnaÜstünberk Holding                              
Çelik MotorOtokarVolvo

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Our Award-winning Automotive Industry Projects

Farplas Automotive - SAP Quality Awards | Finalist

Borusan - SAP Quality Awards | Innovation

Tofaş - SAP Awards | Financial Planning
Bant Boru - SAP S/4HANA Conversion
Assan Hanil - Main Data Management 

Tofaş - Database Transformation
Tofaş - Digital Transformation

Üstünberk Holding - SAP Quality Awards | EMEA Bronze 

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The innovative steps on the digital transformation roadmap meet global best practices!

  • Capture a sustainable growth momentum in the automotive market, where the service bar is continuously set higher, and gain the agility needed to seize new opportunities.
  • Achieve operational excellence with industry-specific lean applications and best practices.
  • Unlock your growth potential by making smart, informed decisions based on information and insights derived from data across the supply chain. 
  • Transform your business into a relentless organization driven by a flexible IT infrastructure to meet the evolving business needs with fast and affordable applications and solutions. 



Farplas'ın Dijital Dönüşüm Öyküsü

d’talks | The Digital Transformation Story of Farplas

In this edition of d’talks | Digital Transformation Stories, M. Serdar Kuzuloğlu and Alkin Aksoy visit Fark Labs, the innovation center of Farplas, known for its significant contributions to the automotive supply industry for more than half a century. Fark Holding President, Entrepreneur and Investor Ahu Büyükkuşoğlu Serter tells the digitalization story of Farplas.

Farplas Dijital Dönüşüm Yolculuğu

Digital Transformation of Farplas

Farplas SAP S/4HANA Digital Transformation Project implemented under the consultancy of Detaysoft! With a history of more than half a century, Farplas embarked on a project that involved the redesign of all the processes end to end from supplier management and purchasing to payments, from orders to advanced planning and shipment, from production management to analytics. This ensured the continuity of the corporate memory, which led to building a big data analytics platform.

TOFAŞ Dijital Dönüşüm Yolculuğu

d’talks | Digital Transformation Story of TOFAŞ

d’talks | In this edition of Digital Transformation Stories, M. Serdar Kuzuloğlu and Alkin Aksoy visit TOFAŞ, a pioneer of countless firsts in the Turkish automotive industry with a history of half a century. Özgür Çetinoğlu, CTO and project lead, tells the digitalization story of TOFAŞ.

SAP Kârlılık ve Finansal Performans Yönetimi Çözümü ile Sağlanan Faydalar

d'live presents: Benefits of the SAP Profitability and Financial Performance Management Solution

At the webinar we co-hosted with SAP, Ali Fuat Turgay, Business Solutions Manager, TOFAŞ, talked about the SAP Profitability and Financial Performance Management (formerly SAP FSPER) solution and its benefits, and later answered the questions of the viewers together with Detaysoft’s Fatih İnanç, Strategic Accounts Sales Manager, and Merve Demir, CO Consultant.

SAP Otomotiv Çözümleri Bant Boru

SAP Executive Summit I Sinan Gider I Mini interview

Sinan Gider, CEO, Bant Boru, answers our questions at the SAP Executive Summit.

SAP Otomotiv Sektörü Bant Boru

d'live presents: Bant Boru and Digital Transformation

Sinan Gider, CEO, Bant Boru, the winner of the “SAP S/4HANA Conversion” award, shared the valuable experiences that the company gained through the digital transformation journey.

SAP Otomotiv Çözümleri - Borusan Otomotiv

SAP Executive Summit I Aslı Boduroğlu de Munnink | Borusan Otomotiv, SAP Quality Award Winner

Aslı Boduroğlu de Munnink, CDO, Borusan Otomotiv, talks at the SAP Executive Summit about winning the award in the innovation category for the SAP Analytics Cloud project implemented under the consultancy of Detaysoft, and the company’s digital transformation process.

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