With BNet, manage your support and project processes on a single platform!

With BNet, manage your support and project processes on a single platform!



With BNet, manage your support and project processes on a single platform!

BNet Help Desk

At Detaysoft, the largest SAP solution partner with 100% Turkish capital, we invest in value driver services and adjust new technologies according to our customers' needs and goals. To ensure sustainability and development, we enable the efficient use of technology and provide constant business process enhancements.

Our BNet Help Desk module, among our innovative solutions developed in our R&D Center, allows our customers to include technology in business units. You can also leverage BNet Help Desk for maintenance, support, and ticket management services, manage your project processes on a single platform, and customize the content based on your needs readily.

By using BNet Help Desk's smart functions integrated with SAP's human resources solutions, you can access all your systems on a single platform and automate many of your business processes, including project management, project follow-up, assigning tasks to employees, work follow-up, maintenance & support requests, designing and updating of the organizational chart, monitoring, and reporting.

Using BNet Help Desk module, you can modernize the way you work by connecting to SAP's HR system and transferring your available employee list and organizational hierarchy to the database effortlessly. Concerning responding to requests via mail, you can open a ticket by leveraging another smart feature of the application with many advantages compared to hard-to-track traditional methods, enable this request to be displayed directly on the project manager’s screen, check and update the ticket status on the system, display the number of total requests opened and closed at the end of the month, and receive graphical reports on all processes.

By choosing Detaysoft on their digitalization journey and subscribing to BNet Help Desk, our customers monitor the project's status, officers and duration in their infrastructure or module transitions and utilize maintenance support services by pre-identifying issues that may pose risk factors.

If you want to automate your business processes and leverage many advantages by integrating BNet Help Desk into your system, you can contact us by filling out the form below.

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