Take the journey to the intelligent enterprise

A better world to live and a better future to look forward to has never been more relevant than today! As our priorities change rapidly, one of the key investments that we can make toward the future is to ensure that everything around us can be managed with intelligent technologies. To equip businesses, factories, sectors, hospitals, industry, cities, countries and ultimately the world…

So, where are you on your intelligent enterprise journey?

How much do you make use of intelligent technologies in your business? Is your roadmap ready? Are your innovation processes integrated with IoT solutions? Or, are there areas that you still need to invest in? Take Detaysoft’s Intelligent Enterprise Analysis and see where you are on your intelligent enterprise journey.


Three important reasons to take the Intelligent Enterprise Analysis:

• Analysis results will give you an assessment of where your company is on the intelligent enterprise journey, and you will also have an Experience Economy and the Journey to the Intelligent Enterprise document with information on new generation technologies.

• Once participation in the Intelligent Enterprise Analysis reaches a certain level, we will generate a benchmark report and share it with you.

As a token of appreciation for your participation, Detaysoft will make a donation to TOÇEV (Tüvana Education Foundation for Children) on behalf of the participants to fund the “Second Family” system. On our sustainability path, we are delighted to support the education of children who will serve in the intelligent enterprises of the future!