Skill Management



Skill Management

Improve training and talent management for all employees

Today, limited data is not considered sufficient anymore by either the employees or organizations. Employees want to see how they are evaluated along with reasons and results of their appraisals. Organizations on the other hand want to reach their targeted business results as quickly as possible. Setting targets for the employee at the beginning of the year and then questioning whether the targets have been attained at the end of the year alone is not sufficient in terms of meeting these expectations of the employees and organizations. Instant performance appraisal, observing reflections of actions on the results, and determining the processes that should be developed and taking action accordingly are essential. 

Such a system can be easily set up within SAP SuccessFactors. With the Skill Management module, organizations:

• Ease operational processes 
•​ Reduce paperwork
•​ Improve quality of business results and 
•​ Ensure lower turnover rates