We paved the way for dreams!

We paved the way for dreams!



We paved the way for dreams!

This year, we paved the way for dreams by supporting education on behalf of our customers!

We partnered with TOÇEV and contributed to the “Puduhepa and Sisters” project to help deliver books to children in village schools.

The future is now!

We hope that the dreams of the Hittite Queen Puduhepa, who lived on this land three millennia ago and signed the very first peace treaty known in history, will inspire the children of today and encourage them to boldly chase their dreams 3,000 years later.

Puduhepa and Sisters Project

TOÇEV (Tüvana Foundation for Educating Children), which set off with the belief that “Every child has the right to education” and touched the dreams of seven million children through countless projects in the last quarter century, launched the “Puduhepa and Sisters” project led by Renan Tan Tavukçuoğlu. All proceeds from the project, which aims to inspire children with stories of real-life heroes, go to TOÇEV's “My Second Family” system as funds to ensure that children are supported throughout their education from elementary school onward. The project, which expands its reach with more funds raised, calls out to children, who are raised as individuals at peace with themselves and the world, to follow their dreams.