Global SAP implementation with United VARs

United VARs

United VARs

We are the Turkish representative of United VARs, the community of SAP solution partners.

With over 70 SAP Platinum business partners in over 100 countries, UnitedVARs conducts global implementation projects with over 10,000 consultants.

It selects its members based on worldwide service quality, product range, and international service capacity, partnering with only one SAP solution partner per country.

SAP solution partners join this community only as special guests, while the SAP board of directors select the members meticulously.

Until today, the most comprehensive SAP solution partners community has implemented over 8,000 joint projects.

As SAP's foremost Global and Platinum business partner, Detaysoft is only the sole Turkish member of United VARs while being included in the Guidance Committee of the community.

United VARs members operate jointly towards a shared goal to help you achieve successful global projects.

Through our collaboration with United VARs, we, at Detaysoft, support our customers to be actively involved in global markets by bringing their business processes to the international level.

With United VARs and Detaysoft's active communication network containing more than 100 countries, you can readily manage various processes such as global SAP rollout projects as well as global implementation and optimization.

With over 25 years of experience and thousands of projects implemented in over 20 countries, Detaysoft creates value jointly with digital transformation leaders, a pioneer with thriving projects.

Detaysoft conducts its activities as an SAP business partner with customers awarded in several categories specified by SAP with projects it provides consultancy. For its local and global projects, Detaysoft also acquired the "United VARs Marketing Performance" award twice based on the worldwide member evaluations performed by United VARs.

Are you searching for the best solution partner to realize your global projects? Uluslararası projeleriniz için en iyi çözüm ortağına mı ihtiyaç duyuyorsunuz?

We have listed the top 5 reasons why you should partner with Detaysoft and United VARs:

  • Multicultural Structure

    As a United VARs community member, we have the opportunity to find out the cultures of many countries closely. We help you realize your global projects by cooperating with the best SAP solution partner operating in the country or region you are interested in. Having expertise in the relevant language and culture, we constantly update ourselves according to local and global legal requirements. After launching your project designed and tailored to your needs, we also provide 24/7 technical support in the national or international timezone & languages you need, besides the planning, implementation, and go-live processes.

  • Multi-Industry Experience

    Each member hand-picked and invited to the United VARs community has many years of project experience on SAP. With SAP expertise of over 25 years, we, at Detaysoft, provide services to small, medium, and large-scale businesses from over 20 industries. We help our customers take their business processes to global standards with a vision of continuous innovation and offer solutions to institutions to expand via digital transformation.

    For further information:

  • The Power of an SAP Platinum Partner

    We offer multi-industry know-how in over 100 SAP industry solutions and 250 add-ons tailored to diverse industries. As the leading SAP solution partner, we implement all SAP solutions, including SAP S/4HANA, SAP HANA, C/4HANA, SuccessFactors, Analytics Cloud, and Supply Chain Management, into business processes by considering customer expectations, being a companion to our customers on their digitalization journey.

  • Digital Integration of Business Processes

    By digitalizing your business processes, we help you reach your global customers readily, follow coherent reporting procedures, pursue a transparent policy with your subsidiaries, and ensure that your headquarter and subsidiaries are up-to-date with the latest information.

  • Agile and Efficient Working Capability

    Each United VARs member adopts an efficient and agile working model. As a United VARs Guidance Committee member with established global project standards and proven procedures, we help you achieve consistent, qualified, and high-performance work efficiency at international standards. Each project conducted by United VARs has C-Level significance. Thus, you can leverage fast decision-making processes and implement your strategies without wasting time. United VARs member companies are included in a decentralized structure. Therefore, the key strength of United VARs members is to follow standardized business procedures and consistently achieve optimum results.

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