Transformation with Eco-Friendly Intelligent Technologies Webinar

Transformation with Eco-Friendly Intelligent Technologies Webinar



In our webinar on "Transformation with Eco-Friendly Intelligent Technologies", the importance of sustainability in digitalization steps, the key role of intelligent technologies in the efficient use of resources, intelligent saving methods for sustainable development and the next generation budgeting approach Zero-Based Budgeting were discussed.

Our panel, which started on June 22 at 15:00 PM under the moderation of Serdar Kuzuloğlu, continued with the speeches of Bant Boru Information Technologies Manager Enis Büyükgüner, Daikin Information Technologies Department Manager Gürel Çelikel, Detaysoft Strategic Sales Manager Can Nalbantoğlu and Detaysoft Deputy General Manager of Sales Fatih İnanç.

We supported a sustainable future by contributing on behalf of every user who registered for our webinar to the PAYAM Ecological Almond Village Project carried out by TOÇEV.