SAP C/4HANA Commerce Solutions





Create meaningful and consistent omnichannel customer experience.

Manage your e-commerce processes end-to-end in all channels with a simple, scalable and flexible structure. Focus on your customers and always stay engaged with an innovative, fast, lean and cost-effective system. Manage your multi-channel campaigns successfully. Always deliver a consistent and meaningful customer experience on all channels including web, mobile, store, social media, call center.


It improves customer loyalty and enables you to increase sales by delivering consistent personalized experiences for your customers.


It offers self-service for your customers with flexible and functional solutions; increasing sales by facilitating inventory control and account management, etc.

Fast and lean product content and category management

It combines product information with videos, images and rich content, enabling you to communicate them to your customers simply and quickly across all channels.

Omnichannel order management

You can manage customer orders received via different channels in a single system and keep track of your inventory clearly.

Creating contextual customer experience 

You can manage your e-commerce site's layout and content, customized to your customers on all channels and offer personalized experiences for your customers by monitoring their historic data and using their current behavior.