Supplier Portal



Supplier Portal

Manage your relations with the suppliers.

The Supplier Portal, developed by Detaysoft, is a solution that enables the suppliers to monitor changes in delivery terms by item and track the goods in transit by sending advanced shipping notices (ASN), all in real time. The portal can be used on user-friendly SAP Fiori screens without the need for a separate database.


• No integration required; very simple maintenance and management in the long term
•​ Entries via SAP Fiori screens are updated simultaneously in the ERP system
•​ With user-friendly Fiori data entry screens, appeals to several industries and diverse user profiles
•​ Simple and practical screens enable user training to be completed in less than a day
•​ Thanks to different industry and user experiences, new features are offered to all customers without additional cost


• Allows you to track the required information on very easy-to-use, simple screens with minimal data entry.
•​ All processes in supplier relationships from management of purchase orders to invoices can be managed through the portal.