Why invest in i-ERP?

Why invest in i-ERP?



Companies with decades of records in systems built prior to the digital era use legacy business processes and models. These systems are fragile and intertwined. It is difficult to adapt to today’s rapidly changing and transforming business ecosystems through simple additions. Old ERP solutions reduce the competitiveness of companies and make it difficult to satisfy increasing needs. Given the old assumptions and designs of ERP suites, these companies cannot support the conditions needed to transform the existing workforce in terms of redefined roles based on digital knowledge.

Businesses are digitally transforming to:

Data monetization goals

Satisfy Customer Demands by Leveraging Advanced Manufacturing

Respond rapidly to customer needs using real-time data and sensors

Why now?

Respond rapidly to customer needs using real-time data and sensors

The positive eect of defeating fear of transformation on corporate sustainability

Increasing importance of competitiveness


50% of ERP applications

will have combined templatized industry/line-of-business

best practices and artificial intelligence by 2021.*



Integrating digital projects across the organizations is

the top digital transformation challenge for 63%

of organizations in Turkey**



Driven by i-ERP, 65% of the G2000 organizations will have refreshed

their systems by 2023 through a process of rationalization,

modernization, and transformation.***


*Source: Worldwide Intelligent ERP 2019 Predictions
**Source: IDC CIO Summit Turkey 2019, April 2019
***Source: Worldwide Intelligent ERP 2019 Predictions

Businesses are digitally transforming! How? By investing in intelligent ERP (i-ERP) systems… Why do companies invest in i-ERP? Click to download the IDC Infobrief sponsored by Detaysoft to explore what you can achieve with i-ERP.

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