SF Recruiting and Onboarding


SF Recruiting and Onboarding

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting and Onboarding

The complaint that we have heard from candidates the most for years is that they do not hear back after they submit their applications... It is indeed a justifiable complaint but what the candidates do not know is how many interviews recruitment specialists conduct every day, how many tasks they take on simultaneously or how many processes are defined for organizational development specialist position. But it still does not mean that the organization will not reply to candidates or plan the onboarding process for new recruits.

In today’s conditions, people-focused systems that:

• Facilitate HR (human resources) processes
•​ Enable candidates to enjoy the application process, and ensure that they stay in contact with the company in case they cannot find the announcement they are looking for by setting alerts
•​ Allow the HR team to not only scan the system for candidates, but also organize the job interview, manage the offer process and feedback, and generate reports
•​ Ensure that the information already available in the records are not duplicate during the process when the candidate becomes an employee and offer options to accelerate the onboarding of the employee

are needed.

These needs are only a few of what SAP SuccessFactors can meet...

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