SF Learning Management System


SF Learning Management System

SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System 

While the perception of training has changed nowadays as employees access information on the Internet in seconds, it has not diminished in importance. With correctly built trainings, companies can draw the attention of their employees and create benefits for their organizations. For this purpose, we recommend that you include the Learning Management System module of SAP SuccessFactors, which stands apart with a structure that allows conducting and managing both online education and classroom training, which decreases operational processes with smart service applications, and which is a system with strong mobile usage and advanced survey and exam features, in your human resources processes.


• Supports different types of training such as online, classroom, certification training programs.
• Allows authorization based on user type (employee, manager, trainer). Each user can access screens related to their respective fields.
• Users can see the recommended training programs on the learning page and also view their learning history.
• Managers can monitor the training status of their team and assign the necessary training programs to their team members.
• With the “Assignment Profile” feature, special training programs for groups or training packages for specific employees can be automatically shown on the training page of the respective employees.
• SAP JAM users can view the social training groups on the platform and content in the “Social Learning” section.
• In the “Training History” section, completed trainings can be viewed and managed as a whole.
• If available, certificates of completed trainings can be printed through the system.
• In the “Recommendations” section, recommended trainings can be shown for the relevant users.
• With the “Smart Services” feature, data such as permission details can be tracked on the system, and alerts and guidance about planned future trainings can be sent.

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