Seidor and NetOP Technology Partner to Deliver the Future of IoT Technologies in the Americas

Seidor and NetOP Technology Partner to Deliver the Future of IoT Technologies in the Americas



Seidor and NetOP Technology Partner to Deliver the Future of IoT Technologies in the Americas

NetOP Technology, one of the world’s leading innovative IoT technology companies signed an exclusive partnership agreement in the Americas with Seidor, the multinational consulting firm specializing in technological services and solutions. In addition to concluding a business deal, the agreement’s objectives also include supporting the industries and companies suffering from the impact of the pandemic with IoT solutions.

NetOP Technology, founded in the Netherlands by Turkish engineers and named among the world’s 25 most innovative technology companies, signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Seidor, a multinational IT Integrator dedicated to providing integral solutions in the area of software, consulting, and IT services. The agreement will allow the IoT solutions developed by NetOP Technology to be exported to the Americas and also involve delivery of a variety of IoT solutions that organizations from different industries need to achieve high efficiency and success. Seidor will also build a “Regional Center of IoT Expertise” in the Americas to expand the scope of the partnership with NetOP Technology.

Next target after 60 countries is expansion across the Americas

Commenting on the partnership deal, Olcay Taysi, Founder of NetOP Technology and, noted, “At NetOP Technology, empowered by experience and focused on innovation, we develop AI-based IoT solutions for different purposes in several countries with the power of IoT infrastructure. As a company built by Turkish engineers, we have already sold our solutions to 60 countries from Chile to Hong Kong in 2019. We are a key player in some vertical sectors to build turn-key IoT solutions like aviation, smart cities, transportation, etc. We are honored and proud to take part in turn-key SaaS (Software as a Service) projects and digital transformation success stories of companies on their paths toward becoming intelligent enterprises. At NetOP Technology, we also supply IoT sensors and gateways to global companies that connect with us through, the world's #1 IoT marketplace.”

Seidor to build a Regional Center of IoT Expertise

Tomas Fertig, President and CEO, Seidor USA, one of the largest global partners of SAP, a world leader in enterprise application software, said, “IoT technologies are driving change and bringing along incredible opportunities for a number of industries. We aim to develop IoT solutions connected with the digital core of companies that are looking for ways to accelerate digital transformation, as an important part of today’s intelligent enterprise, enable organizations to digitize processes, minimize conventional contact, and extend the efficiency of remote management. We look forward to this partnership with NetOP Technology and the opportunity to implement the most advanced IoT solutions, thereby contributing to the digitization of several industries in the Americas.”

Fertig added that Seidor will also work with NetOP Technology to develop IoT solutions to manage social distancing as well as solutions to help automate manufacturing and logistics along a variety of industry processes, and also build a Regional Center of Expertise specific for IoT solutions in its ongoing commitment to help its customers across the region.

IoT technologies support efforts to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic

In addition to undertaking a broad range of projects such as smart cities, smart airports, smart agriculture, smart logistics and smart factories and offering AI-based enterprise solutions, NetOP Technology also develops solutions addressing global issues. As part of these efforts, the company developed the ‘Stay at Home’ and ‘Social Distance Sensors’ during the pandemic. Aiming to help overcome some of the obstacles in the fight against Covid-19, NetOP Technology quickly took action to bring these products to the market. This technology enables companies, particularly those required to continue production, to warn employees with wristbands that give audible and pulsing alerts when they violate social distancing limits, and also makes it possible to record actions retrospectively for potential contact tracing needs. With this new product, NetOP Technology has more than fulfilled its duty in the fight against Covid-19 while ensuring that production of economic and social importance continued.

August 21, 2020