SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM)

SAP Supply Chain Management



SAP Supply Chain Management

Next Generation Applications in Supply Chain Management

As Detaysoft, the largest SAP solution partner with 100% Turkish capital, we offer next generation SCM, IBP, ERP solutions by focusing on the needs in the field of supply chain.

With the knowledge of our expert consultant team, we provide application consultancy at a level that will guide companies' supply chain applications. We provide application consultancy services related to different solutions in the SAP product family, especially Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP ERP), and we enable the integration of SAP applications in a short time and easily with the solutions we have created for the industries. Thus, we help our customers gain a competitive advantage in their industry, increase their efficiency and reduce their costs. As SAP’s top level Platinum | Global business partner, Detaysoft, we offer technology and integration services to our customers in their digitalization journey with an innovative perspective.

Our Services

SAP IBP (SAP Integrated Business Planning)

• SAP IBP Sales & Operations Planning
• SAP IBP Demand Planning
• SAP IBP Inventory Management
• SAP IBP Response and Procurement Planning
• SAP Supply Chain Control Center

SAP APO (Advanced Planning Optimization)

• Demand Planning (DP)
• Supply Network Planning (SNP)
• Production Planning / Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS)
•  Global Available To Promise (G-ATP)


• Production Planning / Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS)
• Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP)
• Production Planning (PP)
• Advanced Available To Promise (a-ATP)

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