SAP Sales Solution





Sell effectively to the right people, all the time across all channels.

Creating the perfect customer experience can be an ordinary task. Create effective campaigns and reach your customers across all channels. Simplify your life with a promotional cockpit featuring user-friendly screens.

The system facilitates the management of sales team and brings together customer management under one roof. The cloud-based module offers a number of benefits. All mobile and desktop devices can be accessed online or offline. In addition to reducing hardware costs, it does not require your involvement in technical tasks such as maintenance and upgrades. 

It responds to the needs of sales teams instantly with support via tablets, phones and smart watches. Lead management allows the offers and sales stages to be monitored in detail while ERP integration ensures instant control of product inventory. 

It also facilitates all sales processes with features such as activity scheduling, visit management, map integration, social media management, widget support for senior management, reporting capabilities, competitor comparisons, future forecasts, regional management and approval processes.