SAP Vuruçkan Systems Integration Project



SAP Vuruçkan Systems Integration Project

SAP Vuruçkan* Systems  Integration Project has been succesfully completed in 2016 under the consultancy of Detaysoft and the system has been running successfully since then.

Vuruçkan is a cement sector based software that Votorantim uses.

SAP MM(Materials Management), SD(Sales and Distribution), PP(Production Planning) systems are integrated with Vuruçkan system by using SAP PI(Process Integration) solution.

*Vuruçkan; An application called Vuruçkan, manages cement and concrete logistic processes.

Company Description:

  • Votorantim Group, is a 100% Brazilian company with presence in over 20 countries and will complete 98 years of activity in 2018. Through Votorantim Industrial, it operates in various sectors that are capital intensive with a high production scale. Votorantim is present in the following segments: Cement, Metals, Steel, Energy, Pulp and Agribusiness.

    - Location: Turkey
    - Industry: Cement and construction industry
    - Products/ Solutions: SAP MM (Materials Management), SAP SD (Sales and Distribution), SAP PI (Process Integration)/PO(Process Orchestration)
    - Employees:788
  • Detaysoft: Detay Danışmanlık Bilgisayar Hizmetleri Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş.
  • The largest SAP solution partner in Turkey with a 100% Turkish capital, Detaysoft elevates its clients' business processes to international standards with continuous innovation and offers solutions with digitalization to companies in transformation process since 1999.
  • United VARs members involved: Detaysoft and Seidor Consulting

Key Challenges:

  • Implement all the interfaces required to the new Vuruçkan requirements, processing master and transactional data individually and in a more automated way.
  • Implement the pricing functionality in SAP, taking into account the tariff of finished product, additives and additional services that may be provided to the customer.
  • Implement the credit control functionality in SAP, and communicate the result of credit validation to Vuruçkan (block and release of sales order).

Added Value:

  • With real-time integration of SAP and Vuruçkan systems, there have been improvements in operational times by 20% and in user interventions in integration errors by 100%.
  • A more reliable, traceble and improved infrastructure has been developed with the implementation of SAP PI product;
  • Greater control
    Catalogued communications
    Centralized point for all interfaces
    Reports and early warnings
  • More security
    It serves as a filter in communication between systems,
    preventing them from reaching incorrect data communications
    Intermediate layer between CCTs and external systems
  • More reliability
    Control of communications
    It reduced the ECC workload of interfaces management.​