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Detaysoft, with investments in SAP technology for over 20 years, has become one of Turkey's three largest SAP partners and grown into a company with more than 400 SAP consultants. The company constantly invests in technological developments and provides consultancy for SAP applications, both locally and internationally. The company's self-developed and ready-made solutions based on SAP, and consulting services in the field of SAP business applications add value to its customers’ processes. Detaysoft employees constantly improve themselves with the vision of continuous innovation and certification improving service quality.

Detaysoft provides consulting services on Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management, Product Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Process Management, Database, Data Warehouse, SAP HANA, S/4HANA, mobile solutions, Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management, predictive analytics and cloud-based SAP applications.

Rollout Projects involve expanding an already implemented SAP template or layout to another country, company or manufacturing site. Its difference from a classic implementation is that a previously created template or layout is used as basis. In the conceptual design stage, the existing template is used and a fit & gap analysis is conducted. In this respect, it is essential for Rollout projects to remain as loyal to the template as possible. The Gaps identified in the conceptual design stage are approved by a committee and only then implemented on the system. The requests for modifications, particularly those required by legislation are usually not questioned. If the Rollout is in another country, legal requirements are often quickly adopted. There can also be requests for modifications, which are due to dynamics of the local market other than the legal requirements or a business’s own processes. In such cases, an impact and benefit analysis is conducted, followed by an approval process.

All the approved requests for modification can be shared with all the other markets, companies and locations to enable relevant departments to benefit from such modifications. These can be implemented in the live system along with the organization where rollout is taking place or alternatively, such modifications can be offered to the use of other departments later as a Retrofit project after the said Rollout project. 

Local consultancy and expertise may be needed for compliance with legislation and localization purposes in the relevant country. Detaysoft has undertaken several such expansion projects from Turkey to other markets or vice versa and leveraging its strength as a United VARs member consultant, rolled out these projects successfully.

Turkey’s highest customer satisfaction SAP Partner Detaysoft

Since its inception, Detaysoft has completed more than 600 SAP projects and serves in the areas of energy, finance, manufacturing, education, information technology, logistics, medicine, transportation, telecommunications, textile, automotive, retail and media in more than 20 industries from small, medium and large-sized companies.

Detaysoft is the SAP solution partner of Turkey with the highest customer satisfaction with its customer-oriented service concept, project management skills and currently considering the needs of tomorrow.

Accurate positioning of products in line with customer needs, the creation of this product, managing and upgrading to the new version in the world of SAP allow integration with other software. In this context, the management of the database used by the product, application performance solve highly critical needs such as security and management.