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SAP C/4HANA e-commerce services that empower the IGA PASS operation were implemented under the consultancy of Detaysoft.

Lounge, buggy, fast track, priority check-in, carpark, valet, city transfer and meeting&greet services offered by IGA PASS, the membership program that provides a privileged, comfortable and pleasant travel experience for passengers that use the Istanbul Airport run on SAP C/4HANA, implemented under the consultancy of Detaysoft.

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Ersin Inankul, CIO at Istanbul Airport, and General Manager at IST SYSTEMS, explains:

“IGA PASS is a loyalty management program and the Istanbul Airport app is actually integrated into it. By using the app, you benefit from a number of services between your home and the aircraft.

The passengers connect with the Istanbul Airport, which has an annual capacity of hosting 200 million passengers and offers flights to more than 300 destinations, already when they are home through the app. Using the app, you may choose your flight at home, and once you get into your vehicle, you can see how quickly and what time you can get to the airport thanks to the Google integration. On your way, you can see the necessary notifications such as check-in start time and remaining time to your flight both on your smart watch and the mobile app. Once you arrive at the airport, the carpark guide allows you to see available parking space on each floor so that you can park your car without losing time. An app is also developed to help you locate your vehicle by entering the license plate number.

“We provide services from the time you leave your home until you board the plane!”

Upon your arrival at the airport, you can dynamically see how long you will wait at which security gate on the illuminated panels positioned at the entrance. Inside, interactive kiosks, with which you can ‘speak’ directly by pressing a button, welcome you. You can check yourself in and drop your luggage without going to the counters. Passengers with digital tracking feature in their passports can benefit from the fast track option on arrival, departure and transit areas. You can find your path by selecting your boarding gate on the Istanbul Airport mobile app. If your flight is open when you arrive at the gate, you can swiftly board the plane by scanning your boarding pass and without needing to contact the staff. The mobile app is actually designed to help our passengers in all processes throughout their journey from their homes to the plane.

"All systems communicate with one another, allowing us to run a seamless operation”

With all the systems at IGA talking to each other, we run a seamless operation. We manage a very big data of many terabytes generated and interpreted daily. Across all these points, we use SAP to collect and interpret the data.

For these projects, we requested a number of customizations along the process. Detaysoft responded rapidly to these requests, successfully keeping up with our pace. In the last two years, we worked 72 Sundays in total and managed to complete these activities together. Detaysoft worked with us both during the week and on the weekends. There are only a handful of companies in Turkey that specialize particularly in SAP C/4HANA (Hybris). I believe that we have carried out a successful project together, but our work is not over yet so we continue.

Alkin Aksoy, General Manager at Detaysoft, says:

SAP C/4HANA e-commerce services used in the IGA PASS operation were implemented under the consultancy of Detaysoft. At Detaysoft, we take pride in contributing to the implementation of IGA PASS.

The e-commerce service system in the IGA PASS operation, which offers passengers the premium services expected in the service industry in online sales channel, was implemented by combining SAP C/4HANA and Fiori, SAP's latest UI.

At Detaysoft, we first positioned SAP solutions comprehensively, including the cloud structure as part of the ERP projects for the world’s largest airport built under one roof. The project, which allows all integrated work processes at the airport to be managed on a single platform, maximizes passenger experience by minimizing time spent and enabling seamless information flow.

The ERP project of the Istanbul Airport includes finance, accounting, budget, human resources and logistics systems as well as business intelligence and reporting solutions. Collecting and processing the data of the systems built as part of the project and combining them with the data from IoT-based systems and generating meaningful reports is also essential for the Istanbul Airport.

“We maximize passenger experience.”

The first phase of the project, which a 100-person team at Detaysoft supported full time, went live in as little as six months. Next, eight more IGA companies were included in the SAP system and also went live. Applications developed with the Fiori user interface, fueling processes integrated with external systems, sales processes integrated with aviation systems including flight and sales information, real estate management, recruitment, performance appraisal, training and remuneration modules and talent management processes, reporting, budget processes, IoT solutions, e-transformation solutions, along with the SAP C/4HANA solution and marketing and commerce processes were also implemented, going live at regular intervals. Armed with 20 years of experience, we strived to make Istanbul Airport not only the largest but also the smartest in the world.

“We strived to make Istanbul Airport not only the largest but also the smartest in the world.”

One of the key differences that the project we managed at Istanbul Airport, the mega project in the history of the Republic, is set apart among all the other projects was the fact that ‘all the processes at the airport were designed and went live before flights commenced’.

Istanbul Airport, serving as a technology base and built to become one of the smartest airports in the world, brings momentum to Turkey’s technological development process. In addition to the experience gained from being involved in this project from the very beginning, we also take great pride in being a part of this massive project from design to implementation. Completing a project of this magnitude in such a short time could only be achieved by collaborating so efficiently with the IGA IT team, and for this I would like to thank them once again.

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