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Compensation Solution



Compensation Solution

What is Detaysoft Compensation Solution?

The Compensation Solution, developed at the Detaysoft R&D Center as both a Cloud-based and On-premise software, allows you to manage the compensation processes of your employees effectively.


• Determining the candidates’ remuneration during the hiring process in accordance with the organizational policies.
• Running effective remuneration dynamics in pay raise periods.
• Executing different compensation processes on a single system with approval hierarchy.
• Calculating the remuneration of employees in the promotion process according to the organization’s compensation policy.

Why Detaysoft Compensation Solution?

• Managing compensation processes strategically.
• Instant reporting of the data available on the system, and viewing dashboards.
• Improving the motivation of employees and their sense of belonging.
• A world-class solution that can be tailored to the organization’s requirements.
Quick and easy deployment.

To find out more, please contact us.

To find out about Compensation Solution, please contact us.

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