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Achieve accurate planning with reliable and agile software, strengthen your digital supply chain.

For the most efficient digital supply chain management, it's important to make accurate short and long-term forecasts with accurate planning. At a time when digital transformation is indispensable for effective business processes, embracing digitization over traditional supply chain practices is inevitable. The path to seamless digitization involves using technologies that can provide real-time data flow, detect leads, embrace statistical modeling, and utilize artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

SAP's end-to-end digital supply chain planning modules, Integrated Business Planning (IBP), Advanced Available-to-Promise (aATP), and Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS), enable your team to operate more agilely and accelerate decision-making mechanisms. With these digital supply chain planning modules, you can set inventory goals to maximize your profit, be prepared for unexpected leads, and create flexible value chains.


Utilize SAP IBP to base your planning processes on real-time data, ensuring constant preparedness for potential issues within the supply chain.


SAP aATP opens the path to customer satisfaction with its user-friendly features, next-generation order fulfillment capabilities, and advanced transportation planning.


With SAP PP/DS, predict order preparation times, reduce lead and delivery times, and enhance production line efficiency.

SAP Integrated Business Planning | (SAP IBP)

SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning) brings together sales and operational planning, as well as forecasting and lead management. The solution allows you to perform end-to-end planning by combining various digital supply chain planning functions such as response and supply management, inventory management, lead planning, and stock management.

The supply chain analytics, probabilistic simulations, alerts, and many other features included in the SAP IBP module provide tactical and operational advantages in your planning processes. You can benefit from SAP IBP's capabilities to stay one step ahead of change and generate solutions to unexpected problems more quickly.

What SAP IBP offers?

  • Coordination of supply chain planning with IBP
  • Advanced machine learning algorithms and planning capacity
  • Integration with SAP Supply Chain Control Tower and many solutions
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis at all levels
  • Quick adaptation to lead changes
  • Multi-stage inventory optimization
  • Simulation of production, distribution, and supply plans
  • Reduction in warehouse and production costs
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Instant management of the supply chain via the cloud
  • Minimum inventory levels
  • Real-time supply chain analysis

SAP Advanced Available-to-Promise | SAP aATP)

Enhance the resilience of your supply chain by quickly finding solutions to unexpected issues! With SAP aATP, you can expand your order fulfillment capacity in SAP S/4HANA by generating intelligent alternatives and offering substitute products to address supply problems.

Through advanced available-to-promise control, you can effectively manage stock and inventory, receive timely notifications for products with limited stock, and prioritize accordingly. Real-time data flow allows you to match supply and lead easily and present order promises accordingly.

What SAP aATP offers?

  • User-friendly ATP functionality
  • Next generation order promise and fulfillment capacity
  • Integration with other SAP solutions
  • Integration with cloud solutions
  • Advanced smart substitute product choices
  •  Interactive usability check methodology
  • Matching constrained supply with customer priority-based leads
  • Alternative control mechanisms
  • Product availability check
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Data management
  •  Alternative validation functions

SAP Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling | (SAP PP/DS)

SAP Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (SAP PP/DS) enables the sequencing and scheduling of supply chain planning operations by utilizing production planning data such as work plans, bill of material, capacity definitions, work hours, and shift definitions. The SAP PP/DS module allows for the creation of purchase requisitions for in-house production or the preparation of external purchase requisitions to fulfill product requirements from external sources.

With SAP PP/DS's inventory planning, you can maintain the accuracy of stock level data and increase profitability by preventing unnecessary stock investments. Through effective planning, you can consistently achieve on-time deliveries, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What SAP PP/DS offers?

  • Detailed and interactive planning
  • Resource/order schedule optimization
  • Comprehensive lead forecasting
  • Production planning and detailed scheduling
  • Planning of materials and critical resources
  • Seamless integration with other SAP solutions
  • Reduction in stock costs
  • Daily planning function
  • Industry-specific planning functions
  • Minimum setup and transition time
  • Analysis of time and resource requirements for production
  • Comprehensive planning with multifunctional applications


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