One out of every two companies will use intelligent technologies!

One out of every two companies will use intelligent technologies!



One out of every two companies will use intelligent technologies!

Detaysoft conducted a detailed survey to take a look into the extent that the Turkish companies use next generation technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud technologies, intelligent enterprise resource planning, artificial intelligence and machine learning. According to the Intelligent Enterprise Analysis survey, one out of every two companies plans to improve business processes using intelligent technologies.

İSTANBUL (TR) – The reach of intelligent technologies keeps expanding by the day. Innovative technologies, including Internet of Things, cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, intelligent ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and machine learning facilitate the management of factories, hospitals, groups of companies and even cities. The level of investments made in intelligent technologies plays a key role in sustainability across all industries and the companies that use data and technology efficiently are referred to as intelligent enterprises.

Detaysoft, an SAP Global Platinum partner with 100% Turkish capital, conducted the Intelligent Enterprise Analysis survey to understand where companies stand on the intelligent enterprise journey. The results revealed that one out of every three companies does not yet have a roadmap about using intelligent technologies.

Cloud-based technologies at the forefront

According to the survey, cloud-based technologies are at the forefront among the intelligent technologies that the companies use the most. One out of two companies uses cloud-based technologies, followed by analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), robotic process automations, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Among the respondents, three out of five companies state that they have not yet implemented new generation Intelligent Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. On the other hand, one out of every three companies says that it uses data derived from IoT in innovation processes.

One out of every three companies acts without a digitalization plan

According to Detaysoft’s Intelligent Enterprise Analysis survey, 44% of the responding companies state that they have a roadmap for leveraging intelligent technologies while 21% are in the process of making plans and 36% have no plans in this respect.

35% of businesses state they are ready for change

Detaysoft’s Intelligent Enterprise Analysis survey also revealed how prepared companies are for managing the change that will result from implementing new technologies. According to the survey, 35% of the companies have change management plans while 34% do not manage change actively and 30% say that they have processes in place to manage change.

Digital transformation should be seen as a requirement"

Alkin Aksoy, General Manager, Detaysoft, commented on the results of the survey, As the world evolves very rapidly, intelligent technologies need to be integrated into business processes so that we can manage the ongoing transformation while continuing to create value. The survey results demonstrate clearly that the companies in Turkey will be using intelligent technologies more than ever in the times to come. The same applies for the whole world. Detaysoft is involved in several projects in more than 20 countries. As the only Turkish member of UnitedVARs, the global alliance of SAP solution partners, we observe similar trends across the world. We anticipate heightened use of IoT and analytics as well as a shift to Intelligent Enterprise Resource Planning both in Turkey and the world. Expanding the use of these technologies will certainly contribute to Turkey’s development and we believe that we can work together to meet individual companies’ business goals while creating a better future for our country.”

9 February 2021