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One in every two companies will use intelligent technologies in HR management



One in every two companies will use intelligent technologies in HR management

New-gen business manners that arose with the pandemic have shown how beneficial it is to use intelligent technologies in HR management. According to Detaysoft's "Analysis of New-Gen HR Management and Digitalization Journey" survey, one in every two companies is planning to invest in intelligent technologies and switch to the hybrid working practice after the pandemic.


The digital transformation that gained momentum with the pandemic has also affected Human Resources (HR) management. Companies started to adapt an HR approach where employee experience stands out to the new normal. In HR management, investing in intelligent technologies covering all processes from hiring to performance and goal management allows companies to enrich and manage employee experience in a data-based manner.

Companies will manage employee experience with new-gen intelligent technologies

World's leading technology company SAP's Global Platin business partner with 100% domestic capital, Detaysoft, held a survey called "The Analysis of New-Gen HR Management and Digitalization Journey" to find out which intelligent technologies are needed to improve the corporations' HR processes. According to the results, one in every two companies (48%) is planning to invest in intelligent technologies and switch to the hybrid working practice (47%). It's emphasized that the automation of the entirety of HR processes and data-based employee experience plays a significant role in this transformation. 72% of the companies use the technology to manage their core HR processes, while 32% use it to create common working spaces.

Intelligent technologies are included in the companies' roadmap for improving HR processes

The Analysis of the New-Gen HR Management and Digitalization Journey survey was held in the third quarter of this year with the cooperation of Detaysoft, SAP, and PERYÖN. It shows how much the companies depend on technology to create a new roadmap for HR management. According to the survey where a donation was made to TOÇEV (The Foundation for Educating Children) on behalf of the participants, 39% of the companies use data to measure employee experience, while 41% use technology to improve it. However, one in every two participating HR managers says that operational processes are the most time-consuming.

Detaysoft General Manager Alkin Aksoy made some evaluations about the results of the survey: "Digital transformation makes it mandatory for the companies to create a human-focused corporate culture for sustainable growth. The results of our survey show that technological investments are necessary. The rise of innovative technologies and data-based solutions make it possible to switch to a more holistic employee experience. These improve HR management's mobility in terms of improving employee experience, finding the right talents, training the leaders of the future, and ensuring employee loyalty."

Aksoy also mentioned that the innovative steps included in HR's digital transformation roadmap would bring the companies to a sustainable future and said, "Here in Detaysoft, we offer intelligent solutions that improve business processes in the human resources department. HR and Employee Engagement HxM | SAP SuccessFactors solution brings forth a transparent and digital HR approach. We digitalize all processes from hiring the employees in the system as applicants to managing all processes remotely and from increasing employee performance to carrying out inter-company communications over a single platform. Thanks to the human resources practices such as e-Health, e-SSI, and SSI Incentive, which are generated at our R&D center and are included under our e-transformation solutions, we automate business processes and allow for management from a single center."