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Manage Supplier Lifecycle and Risk from a Single Hub

Tedarikçilerin yaşam döngüsü ve riskini tek merkezden yönetin

The supply chain spans from the inception phase of products and services to the delivery of a finished product to the consumer. The global pandemic revealed the importance of the supply chain, as it constitutes a crucial element of a sustainable future. Process efficiency and resilience have become top priorities for businesses across industries, and technological solutions that shape the future of the supply chain and procurement sectors are becoming increasingly widespread.

The process of supply chain management encompasses all aspects of business operations, including logistics, procurement, and information technology. Suppliers also stand out as essential components of this chain. Proper supplier relationship management allows businesses of all sizes to save time and money, understand and control risks, and contribute to a sustainable world.

SAP Strategic Sourcing Suite)

Strategic sourcing in supply chain processes entails a collaborative procurement process that includes data collection and analysis of spending, supplier and category management, resource identification, and contract management. The cloud-based SAP Strategic Sourcing solution helps you integrate resource identification, contract negotiation, and supplier management on a single platform, enabling integration with critical spending types in today's dynamic market conditions. This ensures contract compliance, immediate savings, and cycle time improvement.

Retailers or manufacturers requiring third-party manufacturers can also enhance their processes and achieve greater savings by collaborating with suppliers and improving their efficiency through a strategic sourcing solution that supports industry-specific processes and systems.

What SAP Strategic Sourcing offers?

  • Unified platform efficiency
  • Sustainable savings
  • High quality and performance
  • Efficient process management
  • Profit growth
  • Visibility in standard processes
  • Expense optimization
  • Opportunity to discover accurate savings opportunities
  • Low-risk supplier selection
  • Detailed expense profile analysis
  • Connections to industry-specific systems
  • Supplier segmentation
  • 360-degree material control
  • Total cost calculation

SAP Ariba Supplier Risk

Transparency of data reflecting supplier risk enables businesses to keep the supply chain alive as the threat of disruptions increases. Proactively monitoring and detecting risks empowers your business to make accurate decisions from source to payment, leading to a more agile and resilient business.

The cloud-based SAP Ariba Supplier Risk Management solution simplifies supplier management processes, provides actionable insights about high-risk suppliers, and helps evaluate and reduce exposure to risks through focused risk alerts and third-party risk assessments.

What SAP Ariba Supplier Risk Management offers?

  • Deeper insights into risk
  • Risk identification
  • Proactive risk monitoring
  • Root cause identification
  • Quick assessment cycle
  • Ability to take rapid actions
  • Better compliance with third-party risk assessments
  • Notification-based compliance checks
  • Collaborative risk mitigation and remediation
  • Brand reputation

SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing

Offering advanced tools to automate manual processes and support close collaboration with suppliers, the SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing solution facilitates processes from procurement to payment across the entire enterprise. This user-friendly, cloud-based solution accelerates the procurement process, reduces errors, increases productivity, and lowers costs for a quick return on investment.

With intuitive interfaces, it simplifies the purchasing experience for professionals and everyday users alike. By incorporating procurement policies and budget controls into the purchasing and approval process, it enables sustainable savings. Even with multiple Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, it enhances visibility and control through spending analysis, guided workflows, and reporting. The Spot Buying feature allows your businesses to manage ad hoc, one-time, or emergency procurement expenses.

What SAP Buying and Invoicing offers?

  • Software solution as a service
  • User-friendliness
  • Compliance and flexibility
  • Easy catalog maintenance
  • Streamlined commerce regardless of scale
  • Efficient workflow management
  • Intuitive interfaces
  • Sustainable savings
  • Enhanced visibility and control
  • Spot buying

SAP Supplier Discovery Tool (SAP Ariba Discovery)

Finding qualified suppliers or alternative sources of supply can be challenging, especially when facing delays and disruptions in the supply chain. Powered by the SAP Business Network, SAP Ariba Discovery helps you find qualified suppliers who can quickly provide the products or services you need.

With SAP Ariba Discovery, you can publish your procurement needs, easily reach qualified and competitive suppliers, centralize procurement processes, manage job postings through an intuitive interface, compare bids, and finalize contracts. By selecting from competitive offers provided by new suppliers and reviewing detailed supplier profiles, you can reduce the time and risk spent on finding alternative sources of supply.

What SAP Supplier Discovery Tool offers?

  • A global network consisting of millions of suppliers from over 190 countries
  • Comprehensive supplier profiles to help you select reliable business partners
  • A single platform for creating instant postings and reviewing all offer details
  • Centralized procurement processes
  • Time and budget savings
  • Fast and efficient relationships with global suppliers

SAP Workforce Management (SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management)

To thrive in the face of constant changes on a global scale, you need to quickly find the right talent, hire the best employees, manage their development and payments, complete terminations and analysis. With the cloud-based SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management solution, which can be integrated with your technology platform, you can manage the entire lifecycle of your contingent teams from a single point.

SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management speeds up resume scanning using machine learning and artificial intelligence. With features like candidate portals, talent pools, advanced comparison tools, and a mobile application, it makes it easy to find the most qualified candidates for each role.

What SAP Workforce Management offers?

  • Faster identification and selection of the best candidates
  • Centrally managed processes
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • On-demand workforce capacity creation
  • Quick demand approval
  • Proactive risk and compliance control
  • Custom templates
  • Decision wizard
  • Low corporate risk with automatic monitoring and compliance
  • Easy payment, evaluation and reporting processes


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