SAP HANA Data Management Suite

SAP HANA Data Management Suite



SAP HANA Data Management Suite

Combine all data types, from all sources, in real time

Collect and integrate all your data in a secure, unified landscape. This data management framework and in-memory database can help you reduce data sprawl, analyze in an instant, solve previously unsolvable business problems, and simplify the delivery of intelligent applications.

Trusted data

Make better business decisions with reliable, accurate data enabled by a powerful data management platform that enhances data governance, monitoring, and orchestration.
• Analytics on live transactions
• Real-time data protection and privacy
• Single system view 

Connected, intelligent data

Create a single, unified view of data with smart data integration that enables innovative and advanced applications and data management. 
• Data ingestion from various sources
• Smart data streaming for event capture
• High data quality

Cloud and architecture flexibility

Improve freedom of movement for data systems, applications, and system development with a data management solution that works with local, private, and public clouds.
• Synchronized data and instances
• Queries spanning cloud types
• On-premise data center operating as a local cloud

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