GEKAP (Recycling Participation Share) Returns



GEKAP (Recycling Participation Share) Returns

What is the GEKAP Solution?

This solution makes it possible to file the GEKAP (Recycling Participation Share) Return, which applies to batteries, medicines, tires, packaging, lubricants, plant-based oils, electrical and electronic products and plastic bags, in accordance with the regulation dated April 4, 2019. GEKAP also packages the available data in the SAP system with one click and submits them to the Revenue Administration (GIB).

See the regulation here.


Detaysoft develops e-transformation solutions in line with applicable regulations in different countries..

•​ The solution uses the data available in the system and therefore makes it possible to quickly fill out the GEKAP returns, saving valuable time.
• The data is processed with minimum errors, exported in xml format and packaged.
• Authorizations can be verified based on modules or screens.
• Import data from Excel files in non-SAP applications.
• Manually edit data while getting standard data.

Why Detaysoft GEKAP?

•​ Use available data to file the GEKAP return with one click.
• User-friendly screens for ease of use.
• Archive old returns in the system at no cost.
• Perform data checks faster using reports.
• Package returns without the need for supporting software.
• Use the authorization feature to assign authorizations to screens.
• Pull the documents created in SAP to the return screens with one click.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the e-Declaration package allow for company-specific enhancements in the internal processes?
Yes, this is possible.
Can we access the filed returns via the system?
Yes, the filed returns are recorded in tables. If a revised return needs to be filed, you can access the same records, revise the data and refile the return.
How is the data on the screens checked before and after the returns are filed?
Separate reports are available to check the returns before and after they are filed. Checks can be performed using these reports.
Can the authorizations be checked?
Yes, authorizations can be checked in the module or on screen.
Can we package the returns?
Yes, the solution includes a packaging feature. Returns can be packaged using this feature.

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