Financial Services Performance Management (FSPER)



Financial Services Performance Management (FSPER)

SAP Profitability and Performance Management for Financial Services (FSPER)

Powered by SAP HANA, SAP Profitability and Performance Management for Financial Services (FSPER) solution enables businesses to maintain, execute and manage complex allocation models in order to create the data foundation for flexible, near real-time, high-speed Profitability and Simulation Analyses. With preconfigured functions and industry-specific content, the solution provides a configurable framework to execute high-speed profitability analysis down to fine granular level. Leveraging SAP’s next generation Business Intelligence solutions, analysis results can be reported with rich visual content while user roles come preconfigured for modeling, execution and analysis environments.

It supports the following scenarios:

• Modeling of cost and revenue allocation models based on fine granular data, e.g. individual contract level, SKU, subscriber and customer, etc.
• Execution of allocation models to create a detailed multi-dimensional data foundation as the basis for further processes such as:
    • Reporting and Analysis 
    • Simulation and what-if analysis
    • Planning
    • Measurement
• The solution supports integration of various data sources, such as:
    • All ERP systems including SAP and non-SAP
    • All Database systems
    • Banking and Insurance systems
    • Planning data
    • Actuarial /Risk data

Preconfigured content is available for the following industries

• Automotive and Spare Parts
• Energy and Natural Resources
• Retail
• Public
• Services
• Financial Services