SAP C/4HANA Marketing Solutions


Manage all your marketing activities from one channel.

Seize the opportunity to create a contextual customer experience with a leading marketing solution. Get to know and understand your customers truly with real-time big data management. Reach your customers in all channels with an agile and extendable platform. Meet the expectations of your customers with real-time actions. Increase customer loyalty by providing the ultimate experience.

Dynamic Customer Profile 

It allows you to make sense of the big data you obtain from your customers and anonymously. Using this information, you can offer personalized experiences for your customers and enrich your data further.

Segmentation and Campaign Management 

Using rich and easy content management, you can run campaigns on all channels including social media, e-mail, SMS and mobile that your customers permit. You can deliver the right campaign to the right customer, and then track it without IT support.

Commercial Marketing 

By combining your commercial platforms, you can create unified customer profiles that include transactional, social and click data. You can benefit from self-learning algorithms to monitor the engagement of your customers, and make product and offer recommendations.

Loyalty Management 

You can improve customer loyalty and encourage purchasing tendencies by rewarding them accurately and effectively. This helps you to obtain more data and therefore a more enriched customer profile. By combining your loyalty programs in different channels with your e-commerce and marketing platform, you can create an integrated customer loyalty experience.

Marketing Planning and Performance Management

Using a marketing plan, you can monitor your marketing budget and expenses, analyze the status of your campaigns, and keep your campaign expenses under control. Your marketing team can implement your marketing strategy on a single platform.

Marketing Analysis 

With the help of customized reports and analytics, you can monitor the success of your campaigns accurately and effectively and ensure its sustainability.