What is e-Declaration?

A tax return is a written statement that the taxpayers are required to fill out and file with the tax offices. An e-Declaration means filing the tax returns in the electronic medium.

The e-Declaration package developed by Detaysoft includes the following products:

• Withholding Tax, Premium and Service Return 1003A (MUHSGK A)
• Withholding Tax, Premium and Service Return 1003B (MUHSGK B)
• Value Added Tax 2 Return (VAT1)
• Stamp Duty Return (STAMP)
• Value Added Tax 1 Return (VAT2)
• Form BA and Form BS (Lists of Sales and Purchases)
• Recycling Contribution Share Return (PLASTIC BAG)


• The solution uses the data available in the system and therefore makes it possible to quickly fill out the tax returns, saving valuable time.
• The data is processed with minimum errors, exported in xml format and packaged.
• Authorizations can be verified based on modules-screens.
• Other than SAP, data can also be imported from Excel.
• In addition to standard data, manual editing is also possible.

Why Detaysoft e-Declaration?

• File your tax returns quickly and save on time.
• Check the returns on authorization basis.
• Archive filed returns within the system at no cost.
• With user-friendly screens, check the returns to file in no time.

Time Savings

Cost Savings

Environment Friendly

Fast and Easy To Use

Only Requires Internet Connection

Minimum Errors

Reporting For Management

Access To Previously Filed Returns

Note on e-Declaration requirement

The Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance introduced e-Declaration in 2004. With the ongoing improvements since then, the system continued to evolve and e-Declaration became a requirement on March 3, 2005, bringing many benefits to tax payers and relieving the burden on the tax offices.


How is authorization checked?
User and screen-based authorizations can be assigned from the Authorization Program included in the package. For instance, in MUHSGK returns, an option is available to authorize only the users from the human resources team to log in to the SSI notification screen.
Does the package include both MUHSGK and MUHSGK 2?
Yes. Enterprises that require separate declarations for human resources may use the MUHSGK2 returns.
What returns does the package include?
The package includes eight returns: VAT1, VAT2, Stamp, MUHSGK A, MUHSGK B, Form BA, Form BS and Plastic Bag.
Does the package offer developments for customer-specific internal processes?
Yes, developments are possible with ‘badi’ and ‘exit’ available in the package.
If we want to revise the filed returns and refile them, can we access the filed returns through the system?
Yes, the filed returns are available in tables. If a revised return will be filed, you can access the same records, revise the data and refiled the return.