Detaysoft supports KALBEN Children's Village!

Detaysoft supports KALBEN Children's Village!



Detaysoft supports KALBEN Children's Village!

Supporting KALBEN Children's Village, where children under protection can feel a sense of belonging!

We continue to support projects that light up our future. We are supporting the KALBEN Children's Village project, which serves under the motto "A child grows up, the whole world changes!".

As the Detaysoft family, we wanted to contribute to the establishment of the KALBEN Children's Village, which will benefit children who were left alone in the earthquake disaster and placed under state protection.

With the consciousness of creating a place where children can call "Our Village", collect memories, and most importantly, feel like they belong, we supported the KALBEN Children's Village, which KALBEN Association realized.

A village being built on an area of 4,400.76 square meters on Ekinlik Island in the Marmara Region will contain all the mental and physical activities that children may need. The village is planned to include sports complexes, playgrounds, education areas for various sports, as well as artistic activities such as painting, music, and drama to help children discover their talents.

The project, which was implemented by the KALBEN Association with the mission of increasing solidarity among foster families and children, providing psychosocial support, and spreading the foster family service model in society, aims to provide social integration through art and sports activities, free education, production, and communal living services to children through innovative methods and all work is carried out on a voluntary basis.

In addition to being a social innovation center, KALBEN Children's Village, which contains the motivation to make ecological life a part of life, also has the characteristics of being a "Smart Village". Children who spend time in the KALBEN Children's Village, which will generate its own electricity from renewable energy sources and apply sustainable agriculture principles, will be able to produce with sustainable innovative solutions, meet with nature and sustainable agriculture, witness the recycling of organic and inorganic materials, and observe the working principles of solar panels that convert heat and light from the sun into electricity.

Additionally, there will be a rehabilitation center in the area for stray animals, and efforts will be made to find them new homes.

Let all of our children have dreams and wonderful stories to tell!

Children who spend their summer vacations at KALBEN Children's Village will have the opportunity to experience different activities and hobbies, creating positive memories that they will share with their friends when they return to school. We believe that this project, which we hope will brighten our future, deserves your support. (Donation link: