Detaysoft D'Auto Automotive Industry and Suppliers Industrial Solution Package



Detaysoft D'Auto Automotive Industry and Suppliers Industrial Solution Package

The automotive and supply industry is among the top drivers of the national economy with its share in production, employment, and exports. With more than 20 years of SAP expertise, Detaysoft brings the latest technological competencies to this industry to meet the requirements of the digital age. With a successful track record of accompanying the digital transformation journeys of nearly 30 local and global automotive companies with end-to-end projects, Detaysoft now presents the D'Auto solution package by diligently studying and analyzing the industry’s expectations and business processes.

The D’Auto solution package enables automation of all business processes from sourcing, production, and sales to delivery, finance, and reporting so you can achieve sustainable growth and gain a competitive edge. In addition to scripted robotic process automation (RPA) scenarios, D'Auto also includes a wealth of packages such as the RISE with SAP solution, which provides a roadmap of digital transformation for businesses, and various e-transformation applications, allowing you to adopt the agile enterprise model and quickly align with new business approaches. Take advantage of the new solution package by Detaysoft, which always supports the automotive industry with value-added solutions, and create optimal benefits at minimal costs while opening the door to long-term success.

Needs of the Industry

  • Alignment with changing business needs
  • Sustainable growth and competitive edge
  • Organizational agility
  • Flexible IT infrastructure
  • Actionable insights based on real-time data
  • Rising costs due to lack of traceability
  • End-to-end supply chain management
  • Fast and intelligent decision-making mechanisms
  • Reflecting cost reductions on efficiency improvements
  • Building successful, long-lasting
    customer relationships
  • Leveraging global supplier networks
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Next-generation reporting and analyses
  • Industry-specific solutions covering all processes
  • Improving infrastructure costs
  • Cloud business model
  • Alignment of the processes with global standards

Benefits of D’Auto

  • Industry-specific templates
  • Global industry’s best practices
  • Flexible structure to quickly adapt to new business models
  • Low-cost implementation
  • Seamless work flows through RPA integration
  • Effective process management across the supply chain
  • User experience of the digital age
  • Real-time decision-making support mechanism
  • End-to-end reporting
  • Managing licensing, maintenance, equipment, and infrastructure services through a single agreement
  • Pay-as-you-go option for infrastructure costs
  • Sustainable growth momentum and competitive edge
  • Agility required for business processes
  • Data- driven insights
  • Flexible IT structure to meet business needs
  • Efficient work plans with shorter schedules
  • Mitigating risks and reducing costs

What is in the D’Auto solution package?

- Planning and management of short- and long-term customer demands

- EDI integration with sales delivery plans

- Just-in-sequence demand management (JIS)

- Consignment order management

- EDI integration with purchasing delivery plans

- Subcontracting processes

- Shipping notice (ASN)

- Component consumptions

- Scrap and rework processes

- Master data management

- Facility maintenance

- Production label solutions

- Production reservation and staging processes management

- Complaints management

- Certification

- Traceability

- Calibration processes

- Intercompany sales

- Deposit and recycled packaging

- Electronic data management (EDI-DELFOR-DELJIT-DESADV-DELJIS)

- EDI invoice integration

- Customer label solutions

- Self-billing

- Transportation planning processes (TM)

- Shipping notice (ASN)

- Poka-Yoke solutions

- Legal, IFRS, management reporting

- Quick end-of-period closing, exchange rate valuation, and classification

- Reporting of legally required VAT, other tax returns, and BABS report, etc.

- Integrated e-solutions (e-Ledger, e-Invoice, and e-Archive, etc.)

- Cash flow and liquidity reporting

- Budget control system

- Customer credit risk management

- Real-time financial reporting

- Customer Inventory Tracking vs. Needs, Resale

- C-Matrix

- Needs (MRP Output) vs. Inventory

- Production Revenues, Profitability and Material Use Ratio

- Production Performance

- Inferior Quality Costs

- Supplemental import costs

Next-Generation Business Transformation Package: RISE with SAP

Chart your route to the intelligent enterprise journey with Detaysoft and get access to all the solutions and services you need for true business transformation in one package with RISE with SAP With 20 year of expertise, we tailor the Next Generation Transformation Package RISE with SAP, which offers S/4HANA, infrastructure, platform and SAP expertise in one contract as a service with a cloud business model, to your business and industry.

TÜBİTAK-supported innovative e-solutions

Ensure compliance of your business processes with legal requirements by using the budget- and environment-friendly e-transformation solutions that we develop at the Detaysoft R&D Center. Businesses acquire a quicker and more agile system with legally required applications such as e-Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Archive, e-Waybill, and e-Producer, HR applications, including e-Health, e-SSI, and SSA Incentive, and Finance applications such as e-Account Statement, e-Declaration, and e-Reconciliation. Please click for more information about our e-transformation solutions.

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